Art: Sylvarda Liliandra

More art, more big blockquotes from DA. Her description/history is a bit shakey but I feel like I’d be okay if I roleplayed her. Not that I do any RP stuff lately. Anyways.

Some more space stuff. I figured Rory (Miss No Legs) needed a captain so she could have a ship to work out. So I made Varda(One Eye ). I will resist the urge to further populate the ship with scared females and just leave it at these too. Anyways this is sort of a “Proto Character”. I usually flesh out character personalities by using them for something, so the below exists mostly as a base idea that’ll probably be modified. I have a wiki page with stuff on this space nonsense if anyone cares. It’s right over here.

Sylvarda Liliandra (simply known as Varda to most) is an earth born elf who’s wanderlust lead her to the stars. Being magically inclined, she enrolled at a relatively long age to become an astral navagator — mages who pull starships into (and navigate) astral space to achieve FTL travel. Varda also took her time at the academy to become an exceptionally skilled duelist with magically infused rapiers, designed to be used as spell focuses. Despite being a highly talented and motivated student with a promising future as a top class navigator, she abruptly vanished for unknown reasons and generally refuses to talk about them.

Varda exists as a rogue and a smuggler, captaining a light transport. Her and her crew get by performing morally ambigious jobs in the galaxy’s shader locations to make ends meet. She fiercely avoids work that to heavily entangles or harms folks who are just trying to get by, but is not above stealing from cooperations, criminal organizations, or simply those she views as rich enough to afford it. Desptie her concern for the lives of the innocent, her reputation is that of a cold and dangerous woman.

Varda is an arrogant, sultry woman, often to her own (often comedic) down fall. She has a habit of throwing tantrums when frustrated and isn’t always very good with people. In fact, her cold reputation isn’t even entirely deserved, as it is somewhat of an “act” to make up for her lack of negotation skills (which would be handled by someone else whom I’ll probably draw at some point). Despite such flaws, she is an exceedingly clever player and schemer, and, assuming she’s working with people who actually listen to her, exceptionally well at getting things done. She is fiercely protective of her crew and, when able to relax, has a soft, caring core.

Under her eyepatch (another event she seldom will talk about) exists an artifact called the Karisarma, which, from elvish, loosely translates itno “The Demon Engine”. This engraved glass eye, when exposed, can see into and eve partially exist in astral space. This gives incredibly fast reflexes and a massive amount of energy for her body to metabolize, giving her an incredibly boost in speed and agility. As it is used, the demon engine pulls her in deeper, making her even faster and stronger, but slowly overloads her body with magical energy. When turned off quickly, the effects are small — muscle aches and such — but when used for an extended session, the pain endured upon deactivating can be crippling, as if ones body was on fire. Extended use requires long recoveries and a sufficantly long use could outright kill her. It is not uncommon for her to use it in combat in short bursts, but extended usage exists only for dire emergencies. The full image of whats imprinted on the eye can be seen here. The patch it’s self actually has a pinhole camera in it that can feed images to the enchanted eye without using it’s power. While not as good as a real eye, Varda enjoys uses her opponents expectation over her limited field of view to her advantage.

That’s all I got. If I ever get a chance to roleplay any of these new characters, I’ll probably have a chance to actually refine their personalities and histories, but as is these just serve as basic starting notes. Whatever I finally end up with could be quite different.