I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden RELEASED

Here we go! I Wnna Be the Guy: Gaiden is ready for public consumption. Things might be a bit buggy at first, but a few revisions later and things should be all smoothed out. I’m sure you’ll all live though. The bugginess is sometimes part of the charm for the IWBTG experience, right?

So what is Gaiden? Gaiden is an episodic side story following The Lad in his search for The Kid/Guy. Why does The Lad seek The Kid? Who cares — it’s a 3 stage episodic bite of new IWBTG action. What about the future of Gaiden? Hard to say. Brave Earth is going to steal my attention until it’s done, so don’t expect more any time soon, but I surely will add more content at some point. How big will that content be? How many episodes will their be? Who cares, I’m playing it by ear.

So what’s working, what’s not working and whatever?

We have…

    *New stage based gameplay
    *3 Stages
    *Configurable Controls with Gamepad support
    *Trophies (also supported through Gamejolt)
    *Time Trial Leaderboards(Only through Gamejolt)
    *A new button! Z to jump, X to shoot and X to BIIIONIC AAAARM
    *Probably won’t crash!

What isn’t done?

    *No fullscreen or resolution support.
    *Probably needs a lot of optimization
    *Probably has lots of bugs
    *People wanna be able to fuck with people like I fucked with Floe. I might be able to come up with a way to do that in the future.
    *Graphical options are basic. Sound options seem to be a little flighty.
    *Some interface/menu stuff is kinda groudy and needs modification.
    *Might still crash! (but unlike with MMF2, there is more I can do about it this time around.)

So if you have any problems, bare with me.


Also I’d recommend getting a Gamejolt account so you can share your trophies and times with other players! Sign-in is inside the trophy menu.

9 thoughts on “I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden RELEASED

  1. Really enjoying this so far, but of course, there are a number of bugs. The most unusual is when you sign up for a Gamejolt account. For some reason, logging in after you already have a save file will make the difficulty for that save file automatically go to “Easy” when you select it instead of what it actually was. However, “Easy” is actually playable in this case. Also, logging into that Gamejolt account seems to erase the memory of all your trophies.

  2. As for the easy thing I’ll have to look into that. It doesn’t ‘erase’ your trophies though. It ignores them. By design the gamejolt achievements are seperate from your on-file achievements. You can disconnect from GJ (put in a bad username/token) to get your old trophies back.

  3. I am quite enjoying the “what a terrible night to have a curse” event. Does this happen every night?

  4. Kayin! I’ve been following the release of Guy Gaiden as well as the castings of Floe playing it (and your releases of IWTBG as early back as alpha’s from many years ago), and was curious if A) you’ll ever mention the “secret code” that Floe entered on his first night of streaming it, and B) If the EVO build with the FGC references and banners will be released?

    Or if that code makes it so…. ;D

  5. Hi Kayin, first, I want to congratulate you for your EXCELLENT sequel of IWBTG. I played the whole game in Medium, I had 459 deaths in 2:11 hours. So here is my feedback, please excuse my bad English. (Btw, sorry, I think it’s too long ^-^’ )
    Starting, the intro is pretty good, it could scroll a little bit faster, or make it scroll yourself with the arrow keys. The title screen looks very good, I like the retro style. Now, the savegame screen looks weird. It looks like you can use the lifeforce ship somewhere in the game, but maybe you should put a message explaining a bit. When I press Up to move to trophies, it’s confusing that you need to press Up again to move to the right, it would be better using the Right key. Now, when you choose easy difficulty, you go to play a Barbie game, that was hilarious. The world map looks great, and the traps there too, I really didn’t expected them, it feel like a mini game. Now, all the traps were great, except for the piranha plant, it is just too much and annoying.
    STAGE 1
    As for level 1, the introduction is epic. The music in the stage is great, it makes you feel powerfull. But I’d suggest to make the parachute break a little bit nearer the terrain, for some reason, I found it hard to jump correctly and land, the trap it’s funny for the first time, but gets a little bit tiring after doing it 10 times (that was in my case). Now, I like the saves, they’re awesome. About the platforms that fall and kill you, the second one next to the fish it’s excessive, maybe you can put another kind of trap there, but I think there are too much traps in the same place for the beginning. About the grappling hook, sometimes it grabs the air, and it stays outside the platform. When I reach the third save ( in medium ), if you jump up too much, the 3 guys fall. The triggers should be a little bit higher, like 32 pixels, because it’s annoying trying to hit the guy, and by accident of jumping too much they fall on you. About the falling terrain, the sprite doesn’t look very good, it does not touch the ground, and stays like above water. About the Donkey Kong part, it was great. I like how you die, it would be cool if you jump over a barrel you get 100 pts text above you and a sound effect. It took me a lot of time to figure out how to kill DK. First, I didn’t knew you can use the grappling hook straight if you press down, you should include instructions somewhere in the game how to use it, and give a tip that you can grab objects, like barrels. After I beat it, I like the end level thing showing your deaths and stuff.
    STAGE 1-2
    The first thing that I have to say, it’s that it lags as hell. I reduced the graphics to 1, but damn. I play this game on a netBook Acer Aspire one, Intel Atom 1.6Ghz and 1GB Ram. It took me a lot of time to figure out what the hell to do there, you should give a tip in the beginning on the stage, maybe you should start in the left, and have a big hole to jump, and the only way is to use the grappling hook, grabbing on the same tiles as the spikes that swing have. Now, if you hit the rocket with the grappling hook, the rocket-launcher guy dies, it doesn’t make much sense :S. At the save after the soldiers, I saved and died. Maybe you should make that the blue thing destroys every single enemy and bullets. The next part, was HARD AS FUCK. Seriously, it was too much. I’ve seen a video ( from Vardoc ), the HARD level of game difficulty should have the same save as the NORMAL difficulty, since the next part takes some time to figure it out. The red platforms that go up, the one in the center, it took me a lot of time to know you can use the grappling hook on it, and, if you touch the red thing that is above her, it kills you. It shouldn’t. On the next part, I had to watch a video to know what to do, grabbing on the killing rotating disks… damn. When I reach the next save, and I go back left, the camera doesn’t move, I can’t see where I’m going, I wanted to check the part if there were some traps. Continuing, I liked the next part, I liked how the platforms started to fall and you have to grab and move quickly. Going on, if you go up left, using the grappling hook, you can go outside screen and be over the bricks and go left, is it supposed to lead to a secret place? One thing that I noticed, when I die, the game starts going fast, with no lag. I liked the Zangief part xD. And the girl with the “reversal”, lol. I liked the detail in the next Mario Castle part, with those attacks being like Bowser’s fire. I like how the guy has AI to know if you’re up or down, it was challenging to pass the part. And then, “You jumped into an axe. You Retard”… hahaha, just wonderful, giving you nostalgia from IWBTG :D. Then I passed the axe, and I was on the next screen but I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t see my self, then I realized you had to hit the axe. You should put a wall or something that doesn’t allow you to move past the axe. After I passed, the skeleton killed me xD.
    STAGE 1-3
    I don’t like how you can go left and don’t hit any boundaries, you should just stop. Ah, IWBTG nostalgia.. . This stage still lags tough, but not as much as the 1-2. At the part with the clouds, there is a weird green square on the bottom left corner of the screen, hidden behind a spike, that’s weird. I liked the duck hunt part, and how the starts kill you and the way you have to swing trough that screen. Now, I got to the boss battle: holy shit, the intro was awesome, but,… WHY DO YOU SKIP WITH Z + X + SHIFT?! I figured out by pure accident, why not just S? Or at least have a message “Press Z + X + SHIFT to skip the intro”. Anyway, if you die right when the music starts, it both the death theme and the music sound at the same time. When I pass the Megaman door, using the grappling hook to the left, or just by jumping, I can get stuck in the door, and I the boss fight continues, it was kinda funny, but a big bug I must say.
    -patch time “iwbtggv1d1b”-, I like how you put that message, it’s pretty cool, but that is not much like a patch, you just download the new .exe and replace it with the old one. *btw, now I’m playing the game on a better laptop.”
    So, continuing the boss fight, I like how you use the grappling hook and go down to a second phase, kinda cool, and with the music getting more epic! But, after I got down, I got killed, and the music continued playing after I died, playing again at the same time with the game over music. Now, the third phase with the rotten apples was so genius and awesome, I liked playing, and it also brings you again to IWBTG. And, some bug happened, while I was throwing him apples, the last one that makes u go down to the IWBTG beginnings, somehow it glitched and I couldn’t jump, and no Mario, nothing happened, another thing that I noticed then, is that between the 2nd and 3rd tree, there is some kind of invisible blocks that makes my bullets go up. Then, while I was at the red platform, I used the grappling hook up, and I fell down, and I could walk on the stage! But I still wasn’t able to jump, and the spike wall killed me. In my next try, I was going ape shit with the gun and with the grappling hook at the second phase, and somehow the IWBTG jet appeared, with “a gift for nodal” xD, I have no idea how I triggered that. Buh, finally beat the boss, it was a great fight! It sure took me around 1 hour I think! D:
    And, the ninja Gaiden Cutscene after, OMG. Amazing, the Lad’s sprite was great too.
    And, I guess that is the end of this version. I loved it, I look forward for the next one :).

    If you hold down the fire button and die, the sound will loop on the death screen.
    Overall, I loved the graphics, they were great, the music was good too ( I suggest Batman (nes) stage 4 for stage 1-2 ), and the gameplay was great. I liked a lot the interface and the map.
    If you want to reply me about this feedback, I’d prefer via e-mail, dakabox@hotmail.com

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  7. i have a problem with the bionic arm, how do you grab forward?
    is it a bug?
    what butons do i need to push?

  8. This is great, but what’s the game over music from? I swear I’ve heard it before…

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