Brave Earth Prologue: Naomi


Name: Naomi Isabella Victoria vos Cruz
Age: 17
Race/Nationality: Aistorian Human
Height: 5’9
Occupation: Paladin of the Holy Order of Saint Alistair


Offense: Strong
Defense: Average
Range: Average
Speed: Slow
Mobility: Low

Naomi vos Cruz is a young Aistorian noble-lady and Paladin. While she is generally a friendly, kind and out-outgoing woman, she possesses a fiery, competitive and stubborn side. Her personality and lineage soon brought her to Sacred Order of Saint Alistair. While formerly a militaristic Order, noted for it’s gifted female fighters, the modern role of these Paladins were that of honor guards. Determined to fight, Naomi trained in secret with her older brother and notable Hunter* for the Church, Trevor vos Cruz. Due to both her obvious skill and political pressure from the Cruz family, the Order eventually allowed Naomi to assume combat duties. Brave Earth Prologue chronicles her first experience out in the field.

*”Hunter” refer to anyone specialized in fighting large monsters, demons or various undead creatures.

Naomi’s weapons of choice is her mother’s bastard sword and a large heater shield. Due to her armor, she is rather durable, but is a bit lacking in mobility. Naomi moves at a steady, patient pace and has no directional control when in the air. She must move and attack cautiously.

Fortunately she has rather strong offensive abilities. Her basic attack is a relatively far reach slash that strikes out a distance in front of her. The attack does good damage and has good reach for it’s speed, but lacks any vertical coverage. While she can dish out high damage against a stationary foe, her basic attack leaves a lot to be desired. To compensate, Naomi has a special attack button which can be used to access 4 different attacks. The button it’s self is modeled after Super Smash Brothers. By pressing the (C) button and a direction (Up, down, Left/Right or no direction). Naomi can unleash a variety of special attacks, assuming she has enough energy.

Naomi can have a maximum of 20 units of energy, which she can gain by either killing enemies, or picking up energy gems. She may also find “Ex Orbs”. These orbs, which Naomi may only carry one of at a time, will power up one of her special moves, giving it new properties and allowing her to perform a special air attack. The nature of the orb can be determined by treating the individual symbol as an arrow (figure to the right), making sure you know which move is powered up.

Her attacks, in detail, can be found below.

Forward + (C)

Naomi’s Forward+C attack is a low powered, long range projectile While it does half the damage of her normal attack, it is relatively cheap and has a lot of range.

With the appropriate EX Orb, Naomi’s projectiles get cheaper, can be shot faster and can be charged up for large damage. She also possesses an air fireball that goes down at roughly a 45 degree angle. The attack’s recoil can be used to get Naomi to higher ledges.

Down + (C)

Naomi’s Down+C attack is a ground slide that travels roughly 4 tiles. It is relatively slow, but has a large hitbox that stays out for the entire duration of the move, making it easy to time attacks with. It can also be used to slide under small gaps

With the appropriate EX Orb, Naomi’s Slide goes much farther, much faster and much lower. Her hittable area is greatly reduced and she can slide under many enemy attacks and through multiple enemies at once. Her air attack is a dive kick that does as much damage as her basic attack. When she hits an enemy, depending on the direction held she can either jump off her enemy to the left, right or straight up. If she dives low to the ground, her dive kick becomes a slide without costing additional energy.

Up + (C)

Naomi’s Down+C Is an ‘uppercut’ style attack that hits a huge area above her. It’s slightly slow to come out, but hits an area that she could not normally attack otherwise.

With the appropriate EX Orb, Naomi’s Uppercut comes out near instantly. It also throws out a spinning projectile that flies in a parabolic arc as a secondary effect of the attack. In the air, Naomi somersaults rapidly with her sword out, dealing damage to anything that comes close to her. While an incredible attack, it takes a lot of energy and dampens her forward momentum. Using it during a tight jump could be fatal!

Neutral + (C)

If Naomi presses the C button and no direction, she puts her shield up. While the shield is up, her energy drains rapidly but any hit will put her in a temporarily invulnerable state, protecting her from damage.

With the appropriate Ex Orb, Naomi’s parry mechanically changes, functioning more like a parry. Instead of being able to hold her shield up until her energy runs out, Naomi must specifically time her parry (which activates much quicker, luckily). An unsuccessful parry will have her slowly recover (risking a hit), but a successful parry will not only put her in an invulnerable state, but it lasts longer and her recovery animation is canceled. She also recoups energy, making successful parries extremely cheap! In fact, in some situations Naomi can actually experience a net gain in energy! She can also parry in the air!

The Ex Parry is difficult to use, but should be extremely powerful in the hands of an experienced player.

Naomi is Brave Earth: Prologue’s most balanced character. While she lacks the extreme strength the two other main characters have, she also lacks their extreme weakness and a very robust and flexible movelist.

5 thoughts on “Brave Earth Prologue: Naomi

  1. A few questions:

    1. Do the air versions of the special moves require the orbs or not?
    2. When you say the hitboxes on the slide stay out for the entire duration of the move, does that mean that it doesn’t have a vulnerable recovery? If so, how do you prevent slide spamming?
    3. If you have an orb, do you still have access to the non-EX version of the move? The EX-parry actually seems like a rather large downgrade from the shield from how you’ve described it, and it’s always annoying to have to avoid powerups.
    4. On another forum, you’ve said that you’re aiming for an “accessible” difficulty. Does that mean a difficulty that starts easy and ramps up, like Castlevania 1, or do you mean easier in general, like the 16 bit Castlevanias (X86000 aside)?

  2. Hey Obscura!

    1. No, you do not have an air special move without an Ex Orb.
    2. All special moves take energy.
    3. You have no access to the original. Fortunately the Ex Parry is usually in out of the way places. Better to think of one more like a block (you save your self from damage but don’t really gain much, outside of losing energy), while other is a parry – harder, but with much higher reward, with both energy gain and how fast you recover. Though that said, the parry is the most likely special to change in a meaningful way between now and release.
    4. I’ve decided to add difficulty options to the game. The game, as played currently, without lives, is probably a bit harder than Castlevania 1 or even 3, but more forgiving in that you don’t have to backtrack when you run out of lives. I might even lower knockback for the normal difficulty. Higher difficulties will have more enemies, some changes to enemy behaviors and properties and will probably give the player less energy. Lives will also be in in some form eventually, but I’m not sure if it’ll just be an option (with some related achievements, if I choose to implement some), or something dependent on difficulty.

    While I’m hoping for the normal difficulty to be a a nice moderate challenge for most gamers and a solid challenge on higher difficulties, the exact nature of the difficulty balance will more be determined by the game’s mechancs, it’s testers and what ultimately ‘feels right’.

  3. What do you mean by “you don’t have to backtrack when you run out of lives”? Do you mean that it’s like the very end of 4, where you get a password/continue point after every boss, instead of at the start of the level?

  4. Well with what is infinite lives, currently, you don’t have to play a level all over again after you die a hand full of times and thus making it easier for players to grind through the game, IWBTG style.

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