Too Much Talking Episode 8: The “Meat Eating Robot” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Paul, Patito, Crouton, April, Jessica

Too Much Talking #8 “Meat Eating Robot” 12/18/10

Paul is back (and likely will e regularly) to talk with us about pretentiousness indie games and some stuff about Relic RPGs and morality systems. We also touch on meat eating robots, how publishers affect the industry and what our dream games would be! Hope you enjoy! Be sure to leave feedback if you can!

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Too Much Talking Episode 7: The “Gratuitous Spoilers” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Paul, Patito, Crouton, April, Eric, AJ

Too Much Talking #7 “Gratuitous Spoilers” 12/11/10

Holy crap, we got Paul, the voice of The Kid hangin’ out with us over skype. Like old times! Not that any of you would realize these were like old times, but trust me, them times be old. Anyways we spoil tons of stuff about the Dark Tower and the Talisman, so if you care a lot I’d skip a good bunch once we declare a spoiler warning. It goes on for a good while! Spoilers abound! We also talk about Silent Hill and Frictional Games, Super Meat Boy and……… Dreams? Yeah, sure, whatever.

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Too Much Talking Episode 6: The “Candy Corn” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Patito, Crouton, April, Ben, Bill

Too Much Talking #6 “Candy Corn” 12/04/10

After getting all hopped up on Candy Corn, we have a new podcast to present to ya’ll! This episode covers some weird topics like old DOS sound technology and The Wikipedia Contingency Plan (with some time machine talk!). We also talk a bit Super Meat Boy and why reviewers aren’t a particularly good source for opinions these days despite their best efforts! Mix that with a bit of Digital Downloads and jRPGs and you got a podcast!

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Too Much Talking Episode 5: The “Too Much Fighting” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Patito, Crouton, Eric, Ben

Too Much Talking #5 “Too Much Fighting” 11/13/10

Oh boy, fighting games! We mostly talk about weird ass shit, but we do go into modern stuff a bit and I have a few little designerly rants. Kinda missed some topics I would have liked to touch on but we were going kinda long. No questions this week either — not that I forgot, but we were strapped for time and were very topic oriented. I might try and split things into more discrete sections in future episodes, but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyways this is this weeks episode and we’re a number of days early. If you want, wait till Saturday to listen to it, but we had to record early due to me being away for the weekend. Enjoy!

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Too Much Talking Episode 4: The “Hat Bra” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, AJ, Patito, Eric, Crouton, Ben

Too Much Talking #4 “Hat Bra” 11/13/10

Hi guys, heres a lengthy podcast for your Saturday! Today we catch up on questions and finish up the story telling topic. We also talk about some old Dos games and sorta look at the Spike TV VGAs a bit! Sorry if this goes a bit long! Please leave any questions here! Next friday is iffy for recording due to Thanksgiving, so we might do another one on Monday. We’ll see!

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Too Much Talking Episode 3: The “Aeris Dies” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Jessica, April, Aintaer
Also Including: Crouton, Patito

Too Much Talking #3 “Aeris Dies” 11/13/10

In this episode we talk about story telling and I rant about Other M for a bit. I think in the following weeks we”ll sorta ditch the topic driven format, saving topics simply for when we get aimless. Sorry for any questions I didn’t answer, we uh… totally forgot. We’ll get those next week!

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Too Much Talking Episode 2: The “Spike Dies” Episode

With a full room of folks, the recording is a little bit more sloppy, but we talk about the Team Fortress 2 shop, Motion Controllers, and the state of modern gaming. We were lucky to have a few questions this time around to help us arrive on some of these subjects.

Featuring: Kayin, Ben, Patito, Crouton
Also Featuring: Eric, Niko, Jessica

Too Much Talking #2 “Spike Dies” 11/06/10

If you have any questions, please just leave a comment and we’ll be glad to answer it on the next episode!

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Too Much Talking Episode 1

This is a little test podcast to test interest. I don’t think the conversation went anywhere particularly interesting, but maybe some of you will disagree. Next week we’re looking for an issue where we’ll have a little bit of discourse. Still, take a listen! Some of us talk about the games that got us deeper into gaming.

Featuring: Kayin, April, Aintaer, Eric

Too Much Talking #1 10/30/10

We’ll try and keep this weekly. Audio comes from my laptop mic and if things go on awhile, I’ll look into something a little more decent. If you leave any questions as comments, maybe we’ll answer them next week! If you have any topic ideas, please share!

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