Art: Slash Character Sheet

This one was a bit of a struggle! No history post either, though maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

Not entirely satisfied with this. I dig a lot of parts of Slash but obviously I don’t draw a lot of guys and it shows. The layout also isn’t as nice as the Naomi one, but I had less material to work with for filling the layout. Still, it’s pretty cool and I had fun messing with Slash’s muscles. Not entirely satisfied with them, but it’s the first in a loooong time I’ve taken that sort of a stab at male anatomy.

I need to go to bed, so no added history this time around. Maybe I’ll dwell on it as I sleep and add it later.

Art: Cyber Zettai-Ryouiki: Rory McLochlainn

Usual copypasta off my DA. I’m surprised I haven’t drawn anything weird like this sooner.

While joking about how I don’t have any ‘loli’ish characters or characters with terrible injuries, I had the idea for a girl that exhibited Zettai Ryouiki with…. artificial legs instead of stockings. I’m not sure how well I pulled that off, but over all I am very hapy with the picture in general. I ended up working out a character for her. She doesn’t fit into any contemporary time in the Brave Earth setting. Instead she exists in it’s hazy future. Recently I’ve been writing fluff on possible space travel and magic driven warping that would spread the setting out into the galaxy. She seemed the perfect fit there! So here’s a prototype history and bio for Rory McLochlainn, Starship engineer and amputee.

History: Born in an age of Galatic space travel, Rory was born on earth to a set of loving parents. They lived on an open ranch, which her father purchased upon retiring. Her father was a former spacestation engineer who spent his days of retirement tinkering away at a home-made spaceship. At a young age, Rory took interest in her father’s hobby and was often found trying to help him in his shop.

At the age of 10, Rory lost her father, as well as both her legs, when the ship suffered from a fuel explosion. Rory’s legs were severly burn and mangled, forcing both legs to be amputated above the knee. While initially devestated, Rory soon rebounded, studying science and engineering. At 12 she recieved neural implants at the base of her stumps, allowing automated prosthetics to be connected. Rory embraced her artifical limbs, leading her to tinker with them, upgrade them and eventually replace them with devices of her own design as she got older. Her thirst for both outerspace and self modification lead her to take many accelerated courses in physics and engineering while still in highschool. The thought of just going up into space was no longer enough for her — she began studying starships in the hopes of getting a job that would allow her to travel the stars.

Rory, while possessing no formal college education, is highly educated and studied in her chosen fields. She is naturally brilliant and possesses an intuitive understanding of machines and physics.

Personality: Is generally quiet but highly motivated. While not naturally outgoing, she can be very friendly and sociable when engaged in conversation. She tends to be a little sly and sarcastic, but rarely in a truly mean way. She is a bit of an eccentric and can be very silly in the right situations, sometimes lapsing into a very ‘hyper’ mood. Besides engineering and science, Rory enjoys the feeling of Zero-G, which she tends to enjoy without her artifical legs. She also enjoys music and exercise (which is partially required due to how much time she is willing to spend in Zero-G). As part of exercise and self defense, Rory practices taekwondo. While her form is lacking, her massive leg strength makes it a very dangerous defensive weapon.

Legs: Rory has titanium rods inserted deep within her femurs. The bolts are fused directly with the bone and the bone it’s self is reinforced to cope with the added stresses of large mechanical prosthetics. Nerves are bundled and passed through the center of the bolt and are connected to small CPUs for sending and recieving signals. These units are powered by any attacted artificial limbs, which also do the bulk of the actual processing.

Afer her first set of limbs, Rory has worked on constructing and modifying her own from spare parts. Rory’s primary set are designed for high performance and have strength that far surpasses normal human legs. This comes at the cost of weight, finesse and endurance. Rory’s thigh muscles must contribute to the movement of her heavier than average limbs, which adds to fatigue. Rory’s legs also recieve tactile information through Surface Acoustic Wave technology, giving her feeling throughout the entirety of her limbs. This is usually not favored by other users of high performance prothetics due to their nonstandard shape, which can lead to what many people consider ‘disturbing’ stimuli, such as physical contact deep within their precieved ‘phantom limbs’. Rory, due to her comfort with her artificial limbs, can not only tolerate these sensations, but finds them extremely natural. At this point she sees her artifical legs as more of a part of her then her former legs. Her legs are also all significantly taller then what her natural legs were estimated to be.

The legs batteries can sustain a 24 hour charge with modest use, but the batteries can be ran down in as little as an hour under the most intense abuse. Rory possesses other pairs of legs that, while lacking in the extreme strength of her primary pair, can go as long as a week without recharging. Almost as a point though, Rory avoid’s prosthetics that resemble real limbs, unless the situation calls for discretion

Art: Theatrical Brave Earth Cover!

Before I say anything, lemme preface this by saying that this doesn’t come with some great announcement about BE or anything. As I’ve said on the forums, it’s on hold (actual hold, not IWSTK ‘dead’ hold). More explained in the quoted DA entry.

Naomi, in all her…. transparent glory?

I did this as one of my final projects for my Digital Illustration class. Naomi’s silhouette was roughed out from a few pieces of reference art in photoshop before I livetraced it (a requirement for the project) in illustrator and tweaked it further. As such there is no underlying lineart under there. I’m tempted to try and fill it in to see if it makes any sense, as it could also be a pretty cool illustration in it’s own right I think.

Anyways the project was to make a bookcover. I think, sans my name, this looks more like a game cover, but it works either way.

As a note to anyone who follows my development info but doesn’t read the forms, I’m currently not working on Tower in the Sky. I’m waiting for some tools to mature before I go back to it. It’s still the top project in my head at all times, but the time to go full force with it isn’t know. So consider it delayed indefinitely, but with my full intention to get back to work on it as soon as the situation justifies it. That said, expect news about a new IWBTG project soon.

Brave Earth Character Biograpy #1

Name: Naomi Vos Cruz
Age: 17 (Born: June 19th, 366 CE)
Home City: Denzi, Aistoria
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Light Blue

Mother: Leona Vos Cruz (Formally Leona Brenton) (45)
Father: Duke Alexander Vos Cruz (53)
Brother: Trevor Vos Cruz (25)

Naomi is the second child of Duke Alexander and Leona Vos Cruz. She is a young, Paladin-Adept in the Sacred Order of Saint Alistair, an Order that serves the Holy Aistorian Catholic Church. Naomi graduated near the top of her class in the Order’s Military Academy. Despite lacking true combat experience, she is considered a prodigy in armed combat and with an excellent handle on the combative use of holy magic for her age and experience. Unfortunately her skills in the healing arts are lacking.

Naomi is kind and compassionate, though she possesses a firey temper when properly antagonized. She has a strong sense of justice and faith in those she serves. She stands at 5’9″ and maintains a high level of fitness, having slender, athletic build with long powerful legs. Naomi prides herself on her level of fitness and her excellent grooming, seeking to set an example to others.

Naomi idolizes her older brother, Trevor, who is an 8 year veteran and officer in the Order, known for for his righteous zeal in combat and his extreme piety and righteousness. Despite her successes, Naomi does not feel like she can live up to the same standards as Trevor. While generally rather cold and distant to those around him when not in combat, him and Naomi have a strong relationship. Trevor often seeks to protect his younger sister and to keep her out of combat.

Despite Trevor’s protests, Naomi and him have been sent to investigate and then eliminate a surging undead population in a distant village…

Brave Earth Q&A 1

The game is still a very long way off, but to get people a better understanding of what the game is about, after seeing some misconceptions. These questions were taken from forums and from friends and rearranged and rewritten to help me convey more information. Feel free to bring up follow-up questions, as they may be used in a future Q&A, or, perhaps answered in later in footnotes, in non-Q&A style updates.

What’s the mood of the game?
This is going be a very serious game, thematically and play wise. While the game and dialog will not necessarily be always-stickuptheass-serious, the game will not be attempting to be funny like in IWBTG.

Which side does the game lean towards more, medieval action sidescroller, or Castlevania RPG? What does it do differently?
The game will be a classic example of a Metroidvania, so very much in the style of the Castlevania action RPGs. Fortunately though, the game will different through the use of heavier action elements with fighting game style mechanics and a movement back toward real level design rather than ‘hallways of X enemy’ should set the game apart from the rest of the crowd.

Is the story line epic?
This depends on your definition of epic! In terms of a very tense, powerful story, I certainly hope so. The potential is there, all it needs is for me to actually pull it off. What it won’t be is epic in terms of scope. I think the idea of world threatening plots to be way too overdone, when a smaller scale conflict can have a more personal feel to it. The events in the game will be important and dire to those involved, but the scope will be more focused.

Are there multiple endings?
As it stands right now, there will be three! Sadly I can’t go into much more detail! Though I will say that you will never be able to ‘screw’ your self out of the best ending, like you can in other games.

Can I like affect the plot or something?
Besides the above mentioned endings, no.

Will there be multiple playable characters?
The plan now is for there to be 2 playable characters and perhaps an unlockable one.

Will there be traits that we can select and change?
The only customization will be equipment. But with the amount of moves and attacks in the game, you should be able to play your own play style as opposed to artificially making one with numbers.

How do we get from one area to another? (eg. a consistent map like Super Metroid or portraits like Portrait of Ruin [or Super Mario])
Very much like Super Metroid, with some instant transport areas. There may be some areas set aside to play like a stage from a platformer level, but they will fit into the map.

Do I get a whip? … Can I jump-cancel it?
No but if you did, yes. You could jump-cancel it. I’m serious when I say the game has a fighting game style fighting system, very similar to the Guilty Gear system. This includes canceling some hits into jumps for air combos, and a full gatling system.

Wait, What sort of moves will the game have?
The button has 3 attack buttons, a character specific button and two menu buttons. These 3 attack buttons can be used standing, crouching and in the air, leading to a minimum of 9 different attacks. Further more, there are some ‘command normals’ that involve hitting a direction and a button (such as Forward B) that will give even MORE attacks. Naomi, the main character, will probably have between 11-15 normal attacks.

Atop that, there will be 3 to 4 special attacks, just like in Guilty Gear or Fighting Game. Naomi will be able to throw Fireballs and Dragon Punch style moves just like Ken or Ryu, as well as unspecified other moves.

Also multiple air jumps, dashes, air dashes and wall jumps and maybe more! There are a lot of moves!

Will Fairuzons be composing more music for the game?
YES. There may be some music by other authors if they are fitting and good, but likely he will be doing the entire soundtrack. No complaints here!

Will the difficulty match I Wanna Be The Guy?
This is a difficult question. But I’ll say no. The game is going to be hard if all goes well, but not the type of hard IWBTG was known for. I hope to make my game difficult in the same way God Hand or Ninja Gaiden(3d) are hard. Unforgiving enemies and a system of moves that rewards doing the right thing and the right time as opposed to stubbornness, knowledge of traps and pixel perfect platforming (but will still require some good platforming). This might be a funny statement, but I think while it will be ‘easier’, many people who completed IWBTG will not be able to beat it.

Will we be able to see many video game references?
Expect none. I will probably slip in a few subtle references that don’t break immersion, but don’t count on it. That way, you’ll be surprised and amused if they are in, but not disappointed if they aren’t. Again, this is NOT IWBTG.

… Huge ass bosses that are bigger than the damn screen?
… At least one.

Like a… Giant enemy crab?
… I’ve considered it.