Too Much Talking Episode 7: The “Gratuitous Spoilers” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Paul, Patito, Crouton, April, Eric, AJ

Too Much Talking #7 “Gratuitous Spoilers” 12/11/10

Holy crap, we got Paul, the voice of The Kid hangin’ out with us over skype. Like old times! Not that any of you would realize these were like old times, but trust me, them times be old. Anyways we spoil tons of stuff about the Dark Tower and the Talisman, so if you care a lot I’d skip a good bunch once we declare a spoiler warning. It goes on for a good while! Spoilers abound! We also talk about Silent Hill and Frictional Games, Super Meat Boy and……… Dreams? Yeah, sure, whatever.

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