Too Much Talking Episode 6: The “Candy Corn” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Patito, Crouton, April, Ben, Bill

Too Much Talking #6 “Candy Corn” 12/04/10

After getting all hopped up on Candy Corn, we have a new podcast to present to ya’ll! This episode covers some weird topics like old DOS sound technology and The Wikipedia Contingency Plan (with some time machine talk!). We also talk a bit Super Meat Boy and why reviewers aren’t a particularly good source for opinions these days despite their best efforts! Mix that with a bit of Digital Downloads and jRPGs and you got a podcast!

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7 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 6: The “Candy Corn” Episode

  1. Really? I’m the only person with a question this week? :(

    I’m rather surprised to hear about my favorite JRPGs not only being mentioned (Megaten games, FFXII and XIII), but that April seems to share almost same damn opinion I have. Except maybe that I think FFXIII’s gentle learning curve is a little too much. I’ve played MMO’s that teach you the game faster. It’s sad really, because one reviewer* has gone as far as saying FFXIII actually has twitchy, sweaty-palms gameplay if you can get through the dozens of hours of tutorial.

    *This is not a professional reviewer, but a guy who puts out thoughtful, well-done videos ( When considering the points made in the podcast, especially about the jaded nature of a person whose job is to play through massive amounts of titles, I tend to trust this reviewer’s opinion more than many**.

    **I do contend that GameTrailers does damn fine work despite being a major review site.

    I do have a question for next week, I hope this is worded better.

    Which is worse: ‘fun’ or ‘art’ in game design? Facebook games or sadlets?

  2. THE INTRO WAS, WHAT, TWO THIRDS OF THE VIDEO? Nice… what is that, TRANCE music or something? STOP IT

    I also think you made up the wikipedia contingency plan. I won’t bother to google it to confirm this theory because I so distrust you all, liars.

    Who the crap is Bill? Did you tell me about him already? Did I forget. possible.

    I’ll grab Skype and see about being a Super Honored Guest.

  3. My “question” has a short preface.

    A few months ago, I had a short dream in which I was walking around a large ballroom that had been converted into an arcade of some sort. The weird thing was, I was touring it with none other than Kayin by my side. At the end of the dream, I slid about 80 feet on my knees along the slippery tile of the lobby floor. That part had nothing to do with Kayin, but it was extremely fun, even in dream form.

    I suppose just talk about weird dreams you guys have had, I don’t know. I just had to get that off my chest. =D

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