TF2 Hat Burning: For Profit!

So everyone knows I’m sick of TF2. What’s been annoying though is people trying to get ahold of my items. Fact is, for the post part I ain’t. Unlike L4D2, I can perceive a situation where I could go back to TF2. It’s unlikely, but I don’t wanna potentially screw my self. As for hats, I hate them. I hate hate.

hate hate hate hate hats

I wore the hats I had because whatever, the visual aesthetic of the game was already ruined — but if I had a button to destroy all hats ever, I would press it. Regardless I wasn’t going to give them out and support the system — nor did I care enough to burn them… Until someone brought money into it. Someone asked “What would it take to get that texas ten gallon from you?” “Considering TF2 items are worthless, money.” “But I refuse to buy things!”… To which a great hero replied “I will give you 3 dollars to destroy the hat”. The end result was a short little bit of bidding that ended up with all but one of my hats consigned to destruction. End results: 3 Dollars and 5 paid dinners. Since I’m a fat fuck, thats a bargain! I made out of TF2 ahead of the game!

Part of the deal was that I had to youtube it… or, as one of the hat destroyers said “I’m paying you to make art”.
It’s not a lot of hats, but it’s what I had. Someone was going to offer me 3 hats for 1, for the purposes of burning, but I went with the dinners.