Art: Makoto and Sydney in Winter

Now to test out some plugins!

Thanks to the fancy DA plugin, heres a picture I did a few days ago for my friend Kayin of my character Makoto and her character Sydney, set against a pretty winter background!   I finally feel comfortable with my new shading techniques, though theres still some things I’m having difficulty with. Ah well

7 thoughts on “Art: Makoto and Sydney in Winter

  1. I don’t like the new website and I don’t like you.

    I do like the picture.

    ~ <3

  2. kayin chats shit he is a theif i know the original creator of i wanna be the guy !! my mate jordan, he asked kayin along with others to help him and give them peices of raw data and kayin was one to help with the detailed animation. kayin ur a fukin theif !! u could never ever make anything tht good go fuk yourself !!

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