Too Much Talking Episode 4: The “Hat Bra” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, AJ, Patito, Eric, Crouton, Ben

Too Much Talking #4 “Hat Bra” 11/13/10

Hi guys, heres a lengthy podcast for your Saturday! Today we catch up on questions and finish up the story telling topic. We also talk about some old Dos games and sorta look at the Spike TV VGAs a bit! Sorry if this goes a bit long! Please leave any questions here! Next friday is iffy for recording due to Thanksgiving, so we might do another one on Monday. We’ll see!

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4 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 4: The “Hat Bra” Episode

  1. yay thanks for answering my question!

    When you guys were talking about dynamic music I was practically yelling at one of you to mention Banjo Kazooie/Tooie and I’m so glad someone did, the way they did that was genius.

  2. Any of you guys play Raptor : Call of the shadows? That was one of the first games I ever played.
    I had the windows port though. I’m not quite MS-DOS era…
    Also, TERMINAL VELOCITY! Oh the good times that game brought. I remember it being similar to Descent in that 3D space flying, vomit-inducing-visuals sort of way. Could be wrong though, its been awhile.

  3. Glad you answered my questions! I know there were a lot of them, and that three-parter wasn’t exactly brief :-/

    As for the name, I pronounce it “trin-ont,” but everyone else pronounces it exactly the way you said it.

    Like it was said in the podcast, I recommend you get Demon’s Souls sooner than later; those servers aren’t going to last forever. Besides, I’d love to read a rant on that game from you because you tend to make some very interesting points.

    Also, Super Meat Boy is out on the PC now right? Have you gotten around to playing that?

  4. Another great episode, especially at the end with the VGA talk. =D

    I am also interested to know if you’ve played super meat boy, or perhaps battle kid sense I believe Sivak said he sent you a copy. If so what do you think of them?

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