Too Much Talking Episode 3: The “Aeris Dies” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Jessica, April, Aintaer
Also Including: Crouton, Patito

Too Much Talking #3 “Aeris Dies” 11/13/10

In this episode we talk about story telling and I rant about Other M for a bit. I think in the following weeks we”ll sorta ditch the topic driven format, saving topics simply for when we get aimless. Sorry for any questions I didn’t answer, we uh… totally forgot. We’ll get those next week!

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8 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 3: The “Aeris Dies” Episode

  1. Good stuff, man. I’ve really enjoyed waking up on Saturday mornings, sitting at my desk, and listening to people talk about video games while I work on stuff, the last few weeks. You’ve got me hooked.

  2. Oh no, you didn’t answer my questions! I WILL RAGE ON THE INTERNET NOW.

    Aside from facetiousness, I actually have another question: what did you all think of Demon’s Souls, if you’ve played it? Sure it could be classified as an Action RPG, but I’d rather think it more akin to Zelda with slightly more numbers and customization. Everytime I hear talk about ARPGs, good atmosphere and storytelling without direct exposition and cutscenes, I think of Demon’s Souls. So yeah, aside from the questions I asked before I’m really interested in your thoughts on that game.

    (and if you haven’t played it yet, go do that! It’s like $20 now at Best Buy)

  3. If you don’t like RPGs, I wouldn’t advise starting with Earthbound. Earthbound has that old RPG “charm”, before designers figured out how to iron out all of the bad stuff. There are some times when the game feels a little awkward, where you are not exactly sure what is going on and you just stumble upon the next setpiece.

    Mother 3 however is smooth straight through.

  4. Definitely the best one yet. I’m not sure if you will have a theme next time, but I think multilayer focused games might be a good one.

  5. oh wait I have a question-like thing!

    To ride on the Other M train just a little longer: tell me you weren’t disappointed by the (lack of) music in that game. Compared to the other games in the franchise (especially Super and Prime) the whole ambient thing and generic orchestral was incredibly disappointing. Sure okay ambient is cool, sometimes, but the other metroid games managed to combine that with some sort of melody.

    I guess this is leading into me asking you guys to discuss how important music is in videogames or something.

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