Art: Cassara Playing Guitar

Motherfucker. Not only was this a pain in the ass for something thats only kinda alright, I also found out that the plugin I used to post DA pictures to my wordpress blog broke. I was supposed to go to sleep an hour ago, but I HAD to fix it. I ended up finding a recent patch submission for deviantart oembed support that got denied (since apparently wordpress thinks it’d be better to keep the list exclusive for some reason)… so I hacked it in. Then I modified it to properly link back to the deviantart page. This would be easybreezy for a real programmer, but it leaves me feeling like a digital badass. Sadly the Art page isn’t in proper chronological order (well, it is, but vertically instead of horizontally) since I’m using columns to ‘table’ the thumbnails for now. I’ll come up with something better eventually. Anyways, heres the DA text…

Well this took far too long and the results aren’t really great. regardless I’m sorta pleased with it. It didn’t come together well as a piece, but it’s a pretty alright illustration and color job I suppose. Still, I generally like my pictures to have better composition. I probably should have just cut the amp but I couldn’t make my self do it because a lot of the reason I did the picture was to try and draw the hardware. In that respect, I am quite happy. Her guitar had a really really bad shape to foreshorten, which was a real challenge. I tried to get the hardware on the guitar correct. Anyways, heres the equipment…

Trans-Black Jackson Kelly KE3
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

Next time I’ll try and do something challenging AND composed. Maybe. Kinda. I hope.

And heres some links to the actual equipment…


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