Spelunky Defeated!

What the hell is this giant head doing here!
What the hell is this giant head doing here!

City of Gold, kiss my ass!

Anyone who talks to me regularly probably knows I play far too much of Derek Yu’s Spelunky. I often joke with friends that it’s the reason I don’t get game design work done (It’s not true, if I’m playing Spelunky it’s because I’m lazy!). That said, I think I just ran out of things to do as I just completed the game after going to the City of Gold. I ended with 350,000 gold in the end I think. I could aim for a better score, but I think it’ll really take new content to get me playing again. I get most of my wins through aggressive play and shopkeeper mangling. I’m pretty much convinced the path of blood is the best path to victory. Also I like playing as the damsel far too much.

The Damsel is the victim of the Spelunky narrative. She’s sold by slavers as a prostitute, can barely fend for her self, and when a jerk comes along and finds her, he uses her as a human shield and projectile. Sometimes he’ll even sacrifice her or feed her to man eating plants! WELL NOT TODAY. Playing as the damsel makes every evil action on my part an act of vengeance.

Perhaps I get into the roleplaying aspect of gaming too much. Ah well, thats enough Spelunky for awhile.