Too Much Talking Episode 1

This is a little test podcast to test interest. I don’t think the conversation went anywhere particularly interesting, but maybe some of you will disagree. Next week we’re looking for an issue where we’ll have a little bit of discourse. Still, take a listen! Some of us talk about the games that got us deeper into gaming.

Featuring: Kayin, April, Aintaer, Eric

Too Much Talking #1 10/30/10

We’ll try and keep this weekly. Audio comes from my laptop mic and if things go on awhile, I’ll look into something a little more decent. If you leave any questions as comments, maybe we’ll answer them next week! If you have any topic ideas, please share!

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6 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 1

  1. Call me weird but I love listening to things like this, just a bunch of friends kind of rambling about a thing with a vague sense of structure… it was cool on youtube and I’m glad you’re bringing it back!

  2. Hey, glad you enjoyed it! I’m also glad you enjoyed the original TMT series. It’s funny because back then, AJ kept saying we should do a podcast but I insisted on using youtube since I had a lot of visibility there. Since I let my popularity wane, our return to the idea was to go into a podcast format. The great thing about this is it also makes it super easy for us to update every week. Due to a lack of editing, the turn over time is pretty fast. Expect a new episode saturday(most likely) or sunday! Also if you have any questions or topics you want us to discuss, please feel free to share!

  3. Definitely a lot of fun to listen to. And certainly better than the Platforms and Pitfalls one, which I had to give up on about 20 minutes in.

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