Minecraft and the DDoS

I have an inner fantasy. An inner fantasy involving assholes on the internet and baseball bats. Also faces. If one person believes they have the right to fuck with someone elses shit because they can, I can equally argue that I can do whatever I want to their face. With a bat. Because I can.

Anyways thats an inner fantasy and no one is getting a bat to the face ever, as much as it pains me. Still, sometimes maybe DDOSs are “justified”. They’re never a mature response, but people have DDoSed child porn rings, agencies that were trying to DDoS torrent trackers, the RIAA(because they’re dinosaurs), whatever. But some kid decides to DDoS minecraft because it “isn’t being updated enough” and to “stop notch from profiting from an unfinished product.”

Hey dipshit, I bought the game for 14 bucks because I was happy with how it was at all, and now you are making my game worse but preventing me from playing online? Fuck you and your high horse. I am suffering, because you’re a whiny bitch. What argument do you even have to stand on? If I got all that money, you know what? I’d keep updating the game, sure, but then I’d be done and out. Notch is INVESTING in minecraft. He is starting a BUSINESS around it and hiring PROGRAMMERS and ARTISTS and you whine because he’s taking a month or so to sort that out ALL WHILE PROMISING A HUGE UPDATE IN A WEEK? You have no argumentative legs to stand on and if I had my inner fantasy, you’d have no kneecaps to stand on either. The fact you will go on without consequence disgusts me.