Now I’m even Sadder about Trophies

I just realized that the Shadow of the Colossus collection will be forced to have trophies. I hope they find a way to weasel out of it in a nice way (for example, an option to delay all achievement messages until you go to the title screen or pause the game or something). I still continue to be amazed that people are still actively against this.

So I’ll just say it. If you’re against this feature, you’re a moron. No and, ifs or butts. If you can’t understand why someone might not want this crap, then I’m not sure you deserve to post stuff on the internet.

2 thoughts on “Now I’m even Sadder about Trophies

  1. It’s amazing that those options [i]still[/i] don’t exist, considering the constant complaints of people. Even if the majority don’t actually care about the option, it seems to be something that would be relatively simple to implement (maybe a bit harder for the 360 because it seems to be associated with other sorts of notifications but whatever).

    I also think it’s funny that, in the second link you linked (“actively”) for example, nearly every response is for this feature and are comparatively reasonable posts despite the poll being against the feature.

  2. The 360 actually has this option from what I understand. Yeah that one thread was ridiculous though. Everyone is like “BUT WE’RE SO REASONABLE!” and it kept getting downvoted. I think Sony is too proud about adding trophies. “We gave you this great thing that was on the 360! Why wouldn’t you want it?”

    As always, Sony execs are clueless. They seem to make market headway sheerly through brute force, hoping something they make sticks and letting them survive another 10 years.

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