Working on a new Blog Theme

Well, you get the general idea. Obviously some shit will be broken but I’ll try and get things working smoothly as soon as possible. Hope you like the new layout! Also it looks extra like ass on IE. I’ll try and make it degrade nicer, but get a new browser plz. :(

edit: There, semi reasonable degradation.

edit 2: Motherfuckin’ COLUMNS AND HYPHENATION, BITCHES. Shit is so cash. Well, now to clean up the design in general, but I’m feelin’ pretty good right now!

5 thoughts on “Working on a new Blog Theme

  1. If I remember correctly it had a few directories to certain posts, like your podcast appearances, and Brave Earth updates and such. I can’t say I’ve used it more than ten times, but if you grouped most of your posts together instead of just being under uncategorized, I would no doubt use it more. (like putting your Level design, and Darkstalkers Influence posts together) It’s up to you to decide whether it would be worth the effort..=D

  2. Does this mean you’re going to post more blogposts? Most of them are really informative, and I would like to hear more of what you say!

    also curious about your opinion on Metroid: Other M <<

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