Random Junk

Alright, going to write about a bunch of stuff. Sad news first.

My friend’s Dad Died
Rest in Peace, Tim Traskos. He was the dad of my very good friend AJ. If you’re an IWBTG fan, he’s one of the people who is frequently quipping in my youtube videos, as well as the guy who cooked up Mecha Birdo. I wish him and his family the best. :(

I Went to this Weird Indy Arcade in the Basement of What Seemed to be a Squat House

I went to Babycastles, which was this super ghetto but cool little set up in some building in the middle of Brooklyn that hosts illegal concerts. So to put it short, it was an establishment far hipper than I. I got there late after 3 hours of train/subwaying which made NO FUCKING SENSE (the trip should of taken a little over an hour each way, but instead ended up taking 6 hours of total travel time for 2 hours of payoff. Ah well. Met some up and coming pro gamers which was cool. The guy who ran it seemed to have a lot of heart. He wanted me to come by to talk to some high school kids about game creation. Cool guy. The whole thing was because IWBTG was in one of their ‘arcade machines’ — amusingly junky looking setups made from salvaged windows 98 machines. So I kinda got to be E-Famous for a bit. Also got the charming chance to bitch about Jason Rohrer. Destin(Dustin?), if you read this, I think the words that fit my feelings are better put as “I hate everything he’s ever done and think it has no contribution to the true artistic nature of art, but if people eat his shit up I hope he at least makes a living for himself”.

Anyways, will probably go back at SOME POINT, but I’m definitely going to drive.

I Hate Trophies/Achievements

As far as I know, there is no way to turn this shit off on the PS3 (at all) or 360 (without turning off ALL notifications). Now, I could talk about how the concept is silly to me, but my bitching has nothing to do with that either. Let people have their fun. I JUST DON’T CARE. I don’t get why this is an all consuming, inescapable system. I love playing SF4 and having an achievement notification cover my opponent’s life bar. I don’t read what it is, I never look up what it is later or anything. It also makes my games take longer to load. They have been nothing but a net negative to my experience. Frankly I’d love to turn them off, period. I don’t want people to compare trophies with me. How far I’m in a game is none of their god damned business… but I could deal with that as long as I didn’t have to deal with it.

Actually wait, I can deal with it, and do, but that doesn’t make the lack of such a basic feature NOT RETARDED. Yet whenever someone questions this online, theres threads of mouth breathers going “Why would you want to turn off achievements?” “lol why don’t you just ignore them” “oh my god my console has a blue light when it’s on how do I turn that off, lol!”, like a bunch of worthless slapdicks that think gamer scores mean anything and need a little pop up notice to accomplish anything.

Also don’t get me started on achievements in TF2. To put it short, if this BS was never invented, my life would be marginally better. If Microsoft and Sony just implemented a basic feature, my life would be less marginally better, but still better.

This whole ‘social networking’ thing in gaming is starting to piss me off. I’ve come to accept facebook, but I don’t want shit like that in my gaming.

Speaking of facebook, I can’t set anything up to publish blog posts to facebook. I thought facebook was supposed to be friendly! D:<