Art: Naomi Vos Cruz – A Barren Path

Despite my best efforts, I can only draw women! Anyways if anyone is waiting for Brave Earth’s release (Sometime before the universe suffers from heat death), the below has some spoilers — but really who cares? So as usual, DA post biography.

So here we got Naomi Vos Cruz, walking toward a undescript, old fortress. Naomi is a young Astorian Paladin, belonging to the Sacred Order of Saint Alistair — an order of mostly females. Naomi is friendly and outgoing, through tends to have a temper when pressed. Over time, the typical naivity associated with Paladins faded away, leaving a somewhat jaded young woman who could better percieve the shades of gray between good in Evil. When confronted by actual evil, Naomi acts with brutal decisiveness and is not against fighting dirty if necessary for the greater good.

Naomi’s combat skills are highly regarded. While not as high as many other in the order by status, she is one of the most respected by merit. She is agile and atheletic, while possesing the strength to wield a bastard sword one handed with a shield. Her magical skills are highly focused on combat — healing and other clerical skills are highly lacking. Instead, Naomi can wield holy energy as an offensive, explosive force. She can also use that energy to further increase her speed and strength. She is also particularly skilled in magically destroying the undead. Despite all this, Naomi started out as an unremarkable warrior, who entered the order through birth and, in dangerous situations, was often seen as a burden to her brother who did all her could to protect her. This likely acted as the motivation for her rapid improvement.

Naomi is socialable and charasmatic. She tends to be a community figure where she is positioned (like many of the female Alistarian Paladins), though due to her combat skills she is not often positioned in places where this is necessary. She enjoys make-up and prefers to look well made and groomed in public, doing so even it is not necessary or even appropriate. Naomi will socially drink (through with very strict moderation) and socialize with townfolks at the local taverns. She also has an intense love of fruit, which she seems to eat constantly in public. Despite her outgoing characteristics, she is quite private. She keeps most of her feelings to her self and usually vents through writing and reading poetry. She doesn’t show it to anyone though — it’s probably pretty bad.

She is noted for her intense and bitter rivalry with Cassara, who killed her older brother and fellow Paladin. Naomi remains in constant inner conflict over her brother, whom Cassara casts casts aspersons of guilty upon for various crimes. The mixture of Naomi’s loyalty to her brother and Cassara’s antagonistic personality has led to Naomi’s absolute hatred for her, despite them often working toward the same goals. Cassara on the other hand, despite Naomi’s growing skill, merely precieves her as a naive brat anda nuisance.

Despite being a Paladin, Naomi’s faith is also not quite in tact. While the existance of higher powers are obvious in a world of spirts and magic, the teachings and scriptures of her church do not seem to line up with reality in her mind. Combined with the panthiestic nature of the priest, Father Maynard (Slash), has led to her merely possessing a deistic view. Despite this she still is able to weild her holy powers, which furthers her shakey faith. Naomi remains in the church more due to it’s ability to allow her to help the most people, rather than for it’s exact tenets. She also is highly distrusting of the upper clergy. She her self is also suspected by the church, and she suspects that her usefulness as a warrior is the only reason she is kept around.