Art: Grand Trigger

First attempt at pure digital painting! Woo!
It’s come a long way as you can see

I guess I’ll expound on Cassara and the Ignition Trigger a bit more. Additional information is with the original Ignition Trgger picture.

The Ignition Trigger is caused by the attraction of spirits to Cassara’s emotional state. Cassara creates something similar to a gravitational pull in astral space, attracting fire spirits. The effect is the same as the gravitational experiment with a sheet and balls. The big ball creates an impression and attracts smaller objects. As Cassara’s rage builds, eventually this energy gathers and creates even more force, until such a point that it creates a riff between the astral plane and physical space, similar to how a black hole. The fire enters the ‘real’ world and clings to Cassara and attacks her enemies based on her emotinal reactions to them.

The Grand Trigger is a level above that, where the spiritual boundry between physical space and astral space is suddenly shattered. While the magical fire still tends to Cassara’s whims, it ingulfs and destroys whats around her, besides what her will might explicitly spare. In the state Cassara usually is in to trigger a Grand Trigger, she usually isn’t looking to spare much! The release is like the bursting of a dam, with the initial release going off like a bomb.

Anyways on a technical level, this was done as Sai with no lineart as backing. This is basically my first attempt at pure digital painting. It was pretty fine to refine a blob of some base colors into this. I’m pretty happy how it came out and it took me less time than most of my more traditional illustrations.