Art: Reese: Veteran Sharpshooter

Again, DA blurb

I already gave Reese a rundown on the Hot for Teacher picture, but I’ll try and continue with some history with her.

So (as a brief catchup) Reese is a sharpshooter who was a cross dressing soldier in both World Wars do to divinely obtained immortality. She eventually ended up with the British S.I.S sometime sortly after the invasion of Normandy. By the end of the War, she finds (and initially shoots) Kayin, who is just as surprised as she is. Anyways, some random stuff.

Reese is Farsighted, though she possesses every acute vision at a distance, thus her glasses despite being a sniper. As an avid reader and for general convenience she wears thin, stlish glasses. Upon being gifted immortality, her ability to see far off objects has only grown, reacing a supernatural level. Reese has also developed an amazing intuition of ballistic weapons that allows her to accurately hit targets at extreme distances, though whether this is also a super natural occurance or simply a result of her massive accumulation of experience is unknown. Though most proficent in long distance shooting, Reese is skilled in combat with all classes of firearms. The gun pictured about is, a Luger P08 (properly called the “Pistole Parabellum 1908”), which Reese carries as her basic sidearm. It’s a pretty small gun, so it fits the roll, though it is a bit underpowered. I am tempted to have Reese possess one of the few .45 Lugers that were prototyped, but that seems a tad bit exotic and there would be better guns for situations where she would desire a larger cartridge.

Reese is an avid gun collector, owning an impressive amount of modern firearms, though they’d practically be considered antiques where she’s from. Since firearms have not progressed much further, they still consider to be very reliable weapons for her. A short list of her most used guns.

*Luger P08 (pictured)
*Mauser Karabiner 98k (Another sentimental weapon, though still extremely accurate and reliable)
*Dragunov SVD (More modern sniper rifle)
*Barrett XM500 (Anti Material Rifle)
*FN-Five-seveN (Yes it’s really capped like that. Low caliber, light weight, armor piercing self defense pistol)
*H&K .45 USP (Higher caliber, adaptable pistol)
*FN P90 (Because everyone has to use this god damned gun. Chambers the same rounds as the Five-seveN. SMG with a boxy bullpup design)
*H&K G36 (Highly customizabl, reliable assault rifle)
*MG3 (Modern version of the WWII German heavy machine gun)

Besides these and a few other weapons, Reese’s arsenal is for casual shooting and collecting (such as my personal favorite handgun, the Mauser c96)

Despite all her years as a soldier and further combat experience afterwards, Reese is a very relaxed individual. As mentioned in the last picture I did of Reese, her favorite hobby is Reesing and she enjoys boardgames. She is generally quiet and soft spoken, though she emits of an air of confidence. She is also extremely confident in her appearence and often gets flirtatious after a few drinks. Reese is generally the most prone to planning in her household, approaching situations in a more ponderous and methodical matter than Cassara and Kayin usually do. She almost never yells, though can still be angered. Reese’s anger is projected through stern, condescending speech. She is also has the capacity to deal with situations in a eerily cold and brutal fashion.

Reese’s favorite music tends to come from the 70s and 80s. After all the fighting she’d done, she was quick to dabble in the hippy movement. This was also about the same time she grew fond of dying her hair.

I think thats about all I can spit out about here I think.

I love typing up a frenzy for when I post a picture, though I doubt few people bother to read it. Probably doesn’t make much sense out of context. Also this picture was a remake of an older picture.

Old Reese

Comparing the two makes me feel good about how far I’ve come over the last few years.

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