Art: Theatrical Brave Earth Cover!

Before I say anything, lemme preface this by saying that this doesn’t come with some great announcement about BE or anything. As I’ve said on the forums, it’s on hold (actual hold, not IWSTK ‘dead’ hold). More explained in the quoted DA entry.

Naomi, in all her…. transparent glory?

I did this as one of my final projects for my Digital Illustration class. Naomi’s silhouette was roughed out from a few pieces of reference art in photoshop before I livetraced it (a requirement for the project) in illustrator and tweaked it further. As such there is no underlying lineart under there. I’m tempted to try and fill it in to see if it makes any sense, as it could also be a pretty cool illustration in it’s own right I think.

Anyways the project was to make a bookcover. I think, sans my name, this looks more like a game cover, but it works either way.

As a note to anyone who follows my development info but doesn’t read the forms, I’m currently not working on Tower in the Sky. I’m waiting for some tools to mature before I go back to it. It’s still the top project in my head at all times, but the time to go full force with it isn’t know. So consider it delayed indefinitely, but with my full intention to get back to work on it as soon as the situation justifies it. That said, expect news about a new IWBTG project soon.

5 thoughts on “Art: Theatrical Brave Earth Cover!

  1. A nice change of pace from your usual half-naked artwork style. ;o

    Let us know what grade you receive on the cover!

  2. I wonder why nobody posts in your blog entries. WHY?? Maybe a rage reaction to IWBTG? I dunno. Btw, I’ve completed the game xD.

    I like the ‘book cover’ you made. And hell, yeah, your name is so book-ish… About Naomi, the only strage thing I’ve notice is that she’s so… musculed? strong? Well, I mean, you said recently she was a fast-fighter, or something like that. So… The armor is a bit overweight-looking, isn’t it? It’s only a constructive critic, don’t take it so serious, I couldn’t draw something like that in years xD.

    And, hell, WTF are you saying!? An IWBTG project!? Hell, you can’t be serious, we are going to suffer MORE!? IWBTG2!?

    Actually… I’d like to see a sequel of IWBTG. It’s so hard, but it’s so fucking addictive. Until I completed it, I was playing it continuously, and if I died, I kept trying…

    Oh, shit, I’ll stop lying… *shows a piece of paper with something written in it*


  3. Oh she’s physically strong (But not built like Cassara is). The average strength of a great fighter in the setting is much higher then any sort of historic standard. So she can run and be super mobile in half-plate, but still be outclassed a lot, strength wise.

    Also yeah, moe IWBTG stuff! Though it’s funny, once I posted this a friend emailed me asking if he could help me program anything so Brave Earth might take the center of my development time.

  4. “new IWBTG project”
    I’d wish for a completely new setting. But we’ll see about that later. Brave Earth as a wholely different genre might take a bit more development, so that is understandable.

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