Art: Reese – Hot for Teacher

Just finished another picture! As usual, it includes the accompanying DA post. Had a lot of fun with the coloring. SAI is really much nicer than photoshop for working on this stuff.

Reese Nasaki (formally Reese Dresdner) is the wife of Kayin Nasaki and mother of Cassara Nasaki.

Reese is actually a German veteran World War I and II. During World War I she was gifted with eternal life when she was found fit to spawn a child with Kayin (who could not father children without godly intervention). Kayin, not knowing this fact, left, as he could not stand to be with another woman who would age to death on him.

By World War II, she became an extraordinarily skilled sniper. She eventually ended up switching sides, due to German atrocities, becoming a part of a special SIS unit, dedicated to eliminating SS officers. Near the end of the War, she comes across Kayin, who is stunned to see she is unchanged.

Her first response is to shoot him in the leg so he can’t run away.

From there, she got the live the quiet life, spending the next 60 years in relative piece with Kayin. Around the later years, she became fond of dying her hair (which is naturally brown). In 2000, she gave birth to Cassara.

Reese enjoys reading, particularly about history. She is fluent in a wide array of languages (which Kayin and her practice by playing foreign language scrabble). She is generally quiet and reserved, though she possesses an iron will. She is athletic, loves to be out doors (her favorite place to read), and often drinks over 10 cups of coffee a day.

While drawing this picture, I toyed with the idea of her becoming a highschool history teacher. I think this would be very fitting, but I’m not sure Kayin would like the hours involved! Perhaps a college level instructor would be more fitting!

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