Gaming Rage! (Far less impressive than road rage!)

So I’m playing Trenchwars and a weasel appears infront of me! The weasel, as I wrote earlier, is pretty terrible and pretty much a no skill ship. But whatever, people deal with it. And so I did, by gunning him down, despite him cloaking. Since my ship can shoot a lot, I was able to follow him around by watching where the bullets hit. This is a pretty typical thing, but I don’t think he liked it very much!

This is the PM log from after that kill.

retskcin: ur shit
Kayin: lol what you’re weaseling and you’re going to cry because someone killed you? D: don’t be 14 and play the game
retskcin: learn to play not be a girl
Kayin: coming from the weasel. lol okay, keep up the vg rage, son
retskcin: i AM rage
retskcin: if you can’t understand that i am who i am and i will what i wann do
Kayin: Oh so you’re an idiot. :| gotcha
retskcin: so is my 12 years old brohter
Kayin: Now excuse me, I wanna play the game and not play “tough guy on internet”
retskcin: i had only enuf money to buy myself thru 7th grade
retskcin: my life is shit
retskcin: i am rage
retskcin: my mother is dead
Kayin: lol
retskcin: say that i called myself a tought guy
Kayin: hahah are you high or something
retskcin: my brothers are i am not
retskcin: i cannot even afford drugs for i spent it all on 7th grade
Kayin: cool story bro
retskcin: ty
retskcin: i hope my life of shit taught u something
Kayin: nah I’m pretty happy and obvious to the suffering of others :(
retskcin: ur life is grand my life is shit, can u stop banging my head with that fact?
Kayin: I lack the ability to relate to your suffering. :(
retskcin: u lack ability period
Kayin: oic!
Kayin: fortunately since I am so happy, I do not require an ego in games I play! I am okay being terrible! :D
Kayin: It’s like a super power!
retskcin: ur super power is to make my life of shit more shit?
Kayin: Thats also a pretty good super power imo
retskcin: i know more than u do about life
Kayin: Thats okay!
Kayin: I get to be famous on the intarwebs!
retskcin: ur shit
Kayin: Man, you don’t even have money. People GIVE me money because they like me so much. :D
retskcin: only shit nothing else
retskcin: u r lying
Kayin: :) I am hapy shit. Like a little poop with a smiley on it
Kayin: No seriously some british kid gave me a grand because of the game I made
Kayin: I recieve mention in the guiness book of world records: Gaming edition
retskcin: quit rubbing it in
retskcin: what is ur name?
Kayin: I was on German TV! I’m pretty happy with my life so far!
retskcin: i taught myself german, english, portuguess, and italian
retskcin: i already knew french
Kayin: Type Kayin IWBTG into wikipedia search! Wikipedia knows my name!
retskcin: how many languages do u know? huh?
Kayin: In fact I sorta made a whole game out of making people suffer!
Kayin: One, and I’m not that great with it! :D
retskcin: see? ur shit
retskcin: i’m better
Kayin: I did not know languages was a measure of personal success! Well, whatever makes you happy! :)
retskcin: u were spoon fed
retskcin: i wasnt feg at all
retskcin: fed*
Kayin: Starving kids in africa weren’t fed either! I feel no reason to compare my self to the infinite suffering of the world. :)
retskcin: my life is worse than africa
Kayin: worse than ALLLLL the AIDS in ALLLLL the africas :(
retskcin: i guess ur suprised for once u aren’t making a comment of my life compared to video games :)
Kayin: I thought I made a comment about your life being worse than all the AIDS in all the Africas!
retskcin: congratz, u learned something. ur shit, and only shit

I found this pretty funny. I’m fairly sure this was a troll attempt. While it failed at the typical troll objective, I found it pretty damn funny. I really can’t be sure how serious this guy is, but I find it enjoyable regardless of the exact context. :)