Art: Actual and Fictional Kayins!

So I got two bits to post right now. One is a ‘self portrait’ done when I got hit by a DeviantArt meme. Draw your self with whatever you’re wearing at the time. Boy they must be regretting that right about now! I find it to be…. disturbingly accurate.

So humorously I did this while working on a picture of Kayin, the character, which is posted below, along with the blurb I did for it on DA.


Well this took awhile, but I’m happy how it came out! Especially the background, which looked pretty bad when I first started on it! Kayin has been overdue for a new picture and this one I think does him a lot of justice.

Anyways, since I’m an RP fag, I wrote a blurb on the history that went into this picture.

Kayin is a very old character, both from when I designed him originally (14, though he is significantly different at this point) and canonically (born around 400 BCE). Can found himelf in Japan sometime in the early 1500s, also known as Japan’s Sengoku/Warring States period. The details are sketchy because I haven’t done the research necessary to codify the details on his time in Japan yet. What I am fairly sure of is that he finds himself in the service of some near by lord and, once proving himself capable with his ‘barbarian weapon’ (a bastard sword), is able to recieve training in the katana.

Despite being modernly known as a graceful, elegent fighter, that was not always the case. Compared to the average man of the day, Kayin possessed extraordinary strength compared to men of a world that was no longer magically awakened. Kayin’s power-based style at the time was too abusive toward the japanese blades, and he found himself slow to adjust.

Eventually Kayin would recieve a low ranking samurai position (social mobility into the samurai class was high up until the Tokugawa period) which he would maintain for some time, before becoming a drifter again. During this time, Kayin also found one of his several historic wives. Around the start of the Meiji Period, Kayin decided to further explore the world, ending up in the Americas.

Due to his relative strength, Kayin could wield two large swords effectively and would do so until the end of the modern era. Once past the modern era, the relative strength of combatants has become much higher and against more powerful foes, his strength becomes comparatively feeble.

Kayin has used many swords (and practically collects them at this point), but the two swords featured are particularly noteworthy…

Claíomh Solais: Whether this is actually the sword of Nuada Airgeadlámh is questionable, but the blade recieved it’s title due to it’s near indestructibility, extreme sharpness and it’s occasionally emittence of glowing light. Kayin would eventually learn to channel the swords power into destructive projectiles. The sword was lost at the end of the modern era and ended up in the possession of the Cruz family, and eventually became the weapon of Naomi Vos Cruz, who mastered this technique far beyond what Kayin could manage. The blade has outlasted it’s furnishings many times over, so Kayin preferred to use simple, practical and replacable parts for the hilt and handle.

Koutetsu-Kaze: Literally translates to “Steel Wind”. It is a katana of the Dotanuki school. These blades were more robust and slightly larger and heavier than a normal katana. Kayin found this blade to be the best match for his style, as it could endure his harsh techniques. Over time in Kayin’s possession, the blade began awakening magically, becoming practically indestructable and feeling usually light. The Koutetsu-Kaze is Kayin’s primary weapon, second only to the Claiomh Solais while it is in his possession. One issue with the origin of this weapon is, from what I understand, such blades did not exist in the Sengoku period, so it may just be a predecessor, rather than a proper Dotanuki.

This is also the primary weapon of Ogami Itto, from Lone Wolf and Cub!

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