Art: Ignition Trigger

Copied from DA…..

Cassara, with fire. One of those things I just have to draw periodically.

Besides just being incredibly strong, Cassara possesses an ability called the Ignition Trigger. This ability ‘triggers’ under intense emotional stress. This stress attracts fire spirits toward her until build so much spiritual pressure that the ‘ignition’ happens. The fire bursts into physical space and destroys things on Cassara’s whim.

The fire is not true fire, but selective, magical fire. Depending on Cassara’s anger it will either only burn things she hates, or, when extremely angry, things she has no concern for. She has no direct control over the fire usually, using it only as an impulsive action. Over time though she learns to focus her emotions in ways that lead to a degree of control over the flames, as pictured. Even still, the fire doesn’t act like a weapon she controls, but instead ‘accompanies’ her in her attacks.

I switched to using SAI for this picture. I only used photoshop to give her a bit of a breast reduction.

[link] Is the original.

Not that much of a difference, but enough to make a… well, difference. They look fine big like that I think, but they’re out of character. They’re probably still too big but theres a difference between “too big” and “titty monster”! The difference isn’t even that much, but anymore use of the liquify tool would probably lead to a muddy mess.

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