6 thoughts on “Brave Earth: Prologue on Steam Greenlight

  1. The game looks AMAZING!

    Hopefully it won’t be Steam exclusive. Any DRM free release in the plans?

  2. Woo, go Kayin! Good luck with the game, looking forward to it.

    This is a minor point, but did you figure out how to interrupt music while playing a sound effect? It kind of bothered me while watching the trailer, it breaks the illusion that this actually runs on real NES (or Famicom I guess). I’m guessing it is not feasible to do unless you’re using NSF files directly?

  3. No, sadly you’re going to have to deal with some some inaccuracy and some generosity with the amount of channels its practical to use for sound effects and Music. Definitely tried to get get an NSF solution working, but no dice. Just pretend it’s like the VRC8 and it’s got even more sound channels.

  4. Why are there so many castles. Y’know, the ones that aren’t there.

    (Seriously though I’m so hyped for this.)

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