Brave Earth: Prologue Update!

Its been almost a year since I wrote an update. Might start posting more too as things get closer (NOT CLOSE, CLOSER) to potential release.

I’ve made a lot of progress on smaller stuff that really helps the game come off as ‘a game’ and not a distant dream. So what do we got?

Saves Games


Obviously BEP was going to have saves, but having the system in place and having progress saved did wonders for how I felt about the state of the game. Yes, you have to enter names with your controller, no keyboard inputs. :P

Oh also the menu options are probably close to settled. I had a whole bunch early on but now things are way simpler and mostly focused on visual options.


I might have more ‘retro’ options in the future but Construct’s shader support is a pain. Still, if anyone ever bothers to make a great CC shader for emulating retro stuff, I’d put it in as an option. I don’t care too much about this stuff, personally, so I’m not going to bother writing anything crazy about it. But still, lazy scanlines, yay.

Button config has some recommendations now too!


BEP is, like a modern game, hands off with saving. Everytime you hit a checkpoint or die, your progress saves. I played around with suspend saves for quitting mid level, but Construct Classic was not having it one bit. Still, you never need to worry about saving your game. So speaking of progress!

Map Screen


Yeah there is a map. Originally there was this abstract hub level thing going on that gave me all sorts of anxiety because it was abstract and hard to explain and forced the game into a sorta ‘post retelling’ framework, but… well, now I have an awesome map, game is simplier and awesomer looking at one go.


The map updates the conditions of the world as your progress. Sweet! Not a big deal, but a nice detail I think.


The map will also inform you when you unlock characters or extra. Speaking of which, things like the bestiary and other fluffy bonuses are hidden in the world. I figured “kill the enemy to get its entry” was a little silly in a game where you would kill everything at least once getting through it. The book entries are staggered in a way that you can actually find previews of whats to come if on other character’s paths and if you find the books at the right time. There will probably other details too (Like I have a neat continent map that is entirely superfluous but I figure ‘why not’?).

The Hub area still exists as a “Level 0” but it serves a more exploratory, fun purpose and could even be mostly ignored.


Here is the Library of the hub level! Sinlen is reading in the back ground. You’ll probably be able to talk to other NPCs there too (Both before and after the game) to sorta get some more plot details if you care about those.

Ugh, a Tutorial I guess


Totally skippable, but its there and describes mechanics or all the characters. Hooray.

As for stage stuff, here’s the intro to Trevor’s first stage (the last part is unfinished and this is an older build, but all the better. You can see it full and proper when the game is done.

Also here, for the heck of it, heres me messing with indoor lightning effects

So What’s left?

Too much still! About 4ish stages (out of 9 already done), which could definitely take a while. Or it might not. Not all the stages are necessarily going to be massive or have complex bosses. In fact I think I need to throw in a few simpler bosses for my sanity. Cutscenes, which are an issue too. I need to work with Neolucky to get some nice, very reusable assets. That’d make life a lot simpler. There are some extras I want to do but I might cut those and throw them in a patch later. So yeah. Game isn’t dead! I’ve been working on it constantly but often I just don’t wanna update about every little thing. Once it becomes time to put the game on greenlight (I really should do that now, but I don’t wanna bother until I have a trailer and I don’t wanna make a trailer until I have enough cutscenes to also draw from).

So no update on release date don’t even ask me. BUT WE’RE GETTING THERE. This is happening.

16 thoughts on “Brave Earth: Prologue Update!

  1. Looking really forward to this ^^

    I always like it when I see the map develop the further I progress into the game. For me personally it’s actually a huge incentive to complete stages which would otherwise be optional.

    Speaking of which – Is going into the “wrong” stage with the wrong character still a thing? Hopefully it is – and there could be a special kind of unique map update when you manage to beat the “wrong” stage with it? Maybe? :)

  2. Jump on the lk button on an arcade stick? Every arcade platformer/run and gun I’ve ever played has had it on mp (although those have mostly been on either 2-button cabs or NeoGeo cabs).

    The way I naturally map most things like this on my HRAP is lp: attack, mp: jump, hp: special. From what I’ve heard from folks I know in Japan, most three button games on 6-button cabs use only the top row, instead of using the lp/lk/mp layout.

  3. Interesting? LK jump seems WAAAAY better for me it doesn’t matter. I mean, these are recommendations anyways, not pre sets (Which would be impossible for PC without driving me insane) but if people think MP makes more sense I’ll change it no problem.

  4. A few reference images:

    A typical NeoGeo control panel looks like this:

    The button layout for most (maybe all?) “action platformers” on the NeoGeo had B as the jump button. Here’s the flyer for Metal Slug, showing this:

    Most single-player 2D action games these days are played on the Egret II cab, which has a single-row heavily slanted button configuration; like with the NeoGeo games, jump is usually on the second button.
    Egret II cab configuration:
    Egret II cab with two button rows configuration (posted to show that the slant on the rows is just that steep, rather than having LK button + two rows):

  5. I should add that if this is all configurable (and just recommendations) then it’s not a real problem, but a few people will probably see lk as recommended and think that’s a touch strange.

  6. This is a little weird but there are two ways this works. So one of the difficulties is ‘global’. Which is the ‘menu difficulty’. This allows you to adjust the difficulty on a game, while letting you still have, say a “Difficult” save file or something or an easy save for a friend.

  7. I’m really looking forward to this game. Will probably be a day one purchase for me. Thanks for the update!

  8. Hard to express how much I am looking forward to this. Probably my most anticipated game of 201X.

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