Weird Visual Phenomena!

This is silly and not usually the type of thing I put on my blog, but of recent I’ve been trying to find the name (if one exists) for a visual phenomena I’ve had since I was a kid.

In the center of my vision, I can often see a ‘cluster of bubbles’, much like a 2d atomic nucleus. It seems to exist out in space rather than ‘on’ my eye and has the general color and feel of phosphene/closed eye hallucinations. It is eye independant and persists with my eyes closed. It seems to move and flicker when I’m noticing it, otherwise it’s often invisible. I can see it the most when it’s dark.

As a kid I thought it was like a ghost or something, and my little kid brain would make it seem bigger or make me think it was flying around (as my eyes moved around, steering it). For the most part as I got older I didn’t give it much thought and I could go months without thinking about it or noticing it but I’ve just recently gotten super interesting to find out if it’s a “thing” people have. I’ve talked to a few people who have described something similar but not many.

Things it’s probably not:

Floaters: I see floaters too and it’s definitely not floaters. Floaters don’t ‘animate’ or flicker and the illusion I see is eye independant.

Haidinger’s Brush: Though it might be related. I see more than 4 ‘points’ quite often and again, works best in the opposite conditions as the brush. That said, I might be seeing the same cause (blue/yellow describes the color well and like the Brush, exists center on the macula). When I first read about the brush I was like “THATS IT” but apparently not

Detached Retina Particles: Again, eye independant and exists in darkness.

Scintillating Scotoma: Illustrations seem crazy different and I’ve never had migraines.

Anyways, if any of you can see this, feel free to tell me! I’d find it very interesting! If you know if it’s a named phenomena with an explanation, I will be even more thrilled!

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  1. I always figured this was caused by the same thing as afterimage, just that it’s not a single coherent image since you spend most of your day looking at different stuff.

  2. Yes, or at least something very similar to what you describe. Also there’s this:

    That says it’s distinct from after-image, but I think maybe both of them combine to create this sort of phenomenon. The color-blotching is more intense near the center of my vision and accordingly I find it easier to see things in the dark if I don’t look directly at them.

    Also here is an interesting theory I found on a forum while googling around about this:

    “You see most awakened humans have begone to see these colors when they close there eyes.
    its a type of physic Inner vision of things that hidden to your physical world.
    I have come to understand that the clouds especially the oval ones are Spiritual entity’s.
    Advice extreme cation trying to communicate with them tho.
    Also pressing tear duct release some kinda Andorrans that increase your ability to see the hidden things.
    Also for me it helps for me to say a Short Mantra to help me focus on what im seeing.
    I think “Entity Scan” and i think it with Intent and belief that it works.
    This allows me to see a clear image of what kinda of entity is around.
    For Example you may see that a cloud will began to turn into the shape of a human, or an animal such as a cat ^^
    I personally believe doing this helps open your Third eye chakra.
    As for the actual color of the entity. It relates to What there intent is or there emotions of said entity.

    For Example
    Red – mean that they are not friendly and intend to bring you misfortune and pain.
    Blue – They are calm and not a treat at all to your well being, they may even be helpful.
    Green – Jealousy, resentment, feeling like a victim of the world; blaming self or others; insecurity and low self-esteem
    Purple -The color purple is linked to creativity, ideas and enlightenment. Purple can also indicate healing, cleansing and soothing of the soul.”

    Apparently you were right when you were a kid.

  3. Hahaha oh god I found that too and it cracked me up. It’s hard to tell what color they are thoughso they’re probably going to do everything to me. :(

  4. A day will cometh, when the stars align, this game shall be completed and I will finally be able to throw mine gold at thee! Gypsies can’t be wrong!

  5. Hahah of course. Also you’re always free to ask questions and what not. I try and be pretty responsive and open about that kind of stuff!

  6. Well, the last BE post was 3 months ago so you could throw a new music sample/screenshot from time to time so I people can stop panicking. You can add a giant eye floater as a secret boss.

  7. right firstly i’ll rule out my actual eye conditions so then people can see that they’re not capible of causing this as far as i am aware. I suffered a lazy left eye from near birth squint as we used to call it which was accompanied by a flickering in my left eye which i was aware of it has never stopped then when i reached 22 i aquired the Nystagmus in my right eye i have been short sighted with atigmatism since 16 years old so none of my eye symptoms are new and thankfully the 4 conditions i have are not sight threatening and my mri and retinal test etc have ruled out nurological and visual issues they’re explanation was some people have short sightedness and astigmatism but the nystagmus and lazy eye are likned and i have been unfortunate to have the mix along with double vision which i feel is the lazy eye trying to work harder when it shouldn’t so apart from the possibility of malfunction in un treated lazy eyes my vision remains very functional in both eyes i am able to read small print and play football for a team my flickering is minimal and not seriously imacting my life. I do sometimes get flashes of light ie’ like when a camera flahses along with floaters since i was dman very young they’ve always been there but i have always seen eye specialists and optiocians and eyes and all are perfectly healthy since 4 years old i am now 25. Sometimes i have this bizzare like a vortex experience another description that works best heatwave vision after doing sports on a bright day and the phnominon you mentioned with the weird and unsuaual night time lights that last only 10 to 20 minutes but always subside. My opionion from researching much biology in college may help a few of you here with questions. firstly hey heatwave vortex vision could be blood flow from the heart being pumped or white blood cells in the eyes unlickely they’re usually white specs on a clear blue sky etc. but the vortex or heatwaves could be stimuli from the heats rythem after anxiety or physical exercise an actual eye conditions sounds unlikely i have never come across any that cause that kind of symptom even visual migranes don’t match have had them recnely and you’re right the vortex thing is different. Now as for the night time flashing, swirling problems it can be just retinal waste it is more common than you think and with no night vision issues after having it so many year retinitis isn’t the cuase what you’re explaining is indeed unique retinal waste is a possibility medically but literally you may be like me psychic don’t care what anyone else says but people with higher brian functions able to predict things see things in their dreams then they happen the next day week are very real seeing energy i personally believe i mean if they are no actual visual conditions spotted by the pro’s then you my friend are truly unique and loss of sight from this after decades of no blind spos etc is 100% unlikely it might be a gift or a phenominom but either way see an eye specialist to be safe as diabetic retnopathy, retinitis and macular degeneration can show symptoms years even decades before the condition itself even manifests in to a serious problem but the heatwave vortex sensations rules all of those out. You’re gifted my friend. :-D

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