Aces Wild released!

This game is beastly. My bro, Tyler Doak, has been working on this for like 5 years. Most of you probably have heard me talk about it, but nows your chance to buy it. it’s 10 bucks right now in the Humble Store. It’s an amazing 2d brawler with ridiculous air controller that feels something like a punchy Bayonetta or something. It’s a game practically made for people who like difficult action games and playing for score/rank and stuff. Everything about the game just feels good — the hitstop, the effects, the sense of impact, the control during combos — it’s all amazing.

I’ve helped Tyler here and there with this game over the last year or so and I really wanna see it get some of the attention it deserves. So if you feel up to it, purchase it here.

19 thoughts on “Aces Wild released!

  1. Looks awesome!
    I bought the game, but I can’t play it yet. the download gave me a folder named “debug”, and inside the debug there are two files that look like I should be able to run.

    If I run the “Clickonce Application” thing, after accepting the install prompt it gives me an error about missing XNA framework.

    If I run the executable, a process pops up for 2 seconds in my processes tab in Windows Task Manager, and then it disappears.

    Win7 Home 32-bit.

  2. Yeah that used to be a big issue and thanks for reminding us. x_x Sorry about that and I hope you’re really enjoying yourself now!

  3. Oh yeah, that game is amazing! I was playing it this morning, and I realized I’m not going to get much Skullgirls practice until I beat it. This is one of the few games that I’ve gotten this year that I’m actually excited to play.

  4. Is there a demo for the game anywhere? Searching “Aces Wild demo” turns up a bunch of dead links.

  5. None currently. There probably is some super old build somewhere, but yeah, I dunno. Been talking to Kicks about it. He’s kinda afriad from the conventional knowledge that demos actually tend to do more harm to a games sales than not but I don’t think that logic applies to relatively unknown games.

  6. Went ahead and bought it.

    Not feeling it at all. The easiest complaint I have to quantify is the lack of a lives system- I cheesed through stage 1, dying 11 times, and didn’t feel like I was any better at the game than I was before. I know the obvious response is “well, restart if you die 11 times!”, but at the same time, I’m not given any expectation as to how many lives it should take me; doing it on one life seems pretty overbearingly difficult, even at stage 1.

    I’m also not liking the feel of the action, although I really can’t quantify why. Part of it seems like it’s because the charge moves feel ineffective to me (they frequently seem to just pass through opponent’s without doing damage, and seem to be less effective than the normal “rapid” moves by several orders of magnitude, which ends with me having ridiculously high wild all the time, looking for quiet areas to burn it off by doing special moves into the air), but there’s something about the movement that feels weird that I can’t put my finger on- it feels oddly floaty and in a way almost “slow”, even though the movement speed feels fine? Maybe “uncrisp” is a better word? Dunno. The fact that enemies can juggle me is also annoying; I don’t know of any well-liked 2D game where you’re actually vulnerable during your knockback animation.

    I’ll give it some more time, but my first impression isn’t very high on it.

  7. I’d guess what the demos actually undercut is the huge marketing effort. Pretending your game is literally Jesus come to deliver salvation unto you is not going to be effective if folks can just grab a demo and find out that the game is actually kinda crap. When your marketing budget is non-existent, that’s not going to be an issue. Also, maybe demos work better for games designed around high replayability, where you can see how it will continue to be fun for quite a while after the demo. As opposed to seeing the few ideas the game has right at the start, and then going “yeah, okay, I get what they’re doing, neat”.

    Personally, the Starcraft 2 beta has only solidified my desire to get the game, and I doubt a demo Dark Souls would’ve worked any differently. Plus, if you don’t release an official demo, people can and will simply use the pirated version as such. (unless it has too little exposure even for pirates to notice, in which case you have bigger problems than the existence or lack of a demo)

  8. I can’t really say anything but “I completely disagree” but that’s cool. Sorry you’re not enjoying it. Hopefully it will click for you but I have a feeling it won’t. Which is also fine, but I’m sorry you had to buy the game to find that out.

    I will say that charged crash attacks are super good and learning to land them reliably is a big factor of really toasting parts of the game.

    Also PKT thats my thought as well. It seems crazy for most modern games, but the logic seems to be far different for smaller scale niche games.


    I’ve uploaded a vid of me running through stage 1. Down to only 1 death, but I feel like the only real difference was learning the boss patterns (although still not really “getting” it); would you be willing to have a look and give me some idea of what I’m missing?

    (Also, I have no idea why a run where I die once gets rated an “F”, but dying 11 times merits a “C”.)

  10. 17 MINUTES without only dying once? Alright lemme see

    Oh damn. Well heres a video of me playing and talking like a fucking douchebag or whatever (basically: sorry if I’m really annoying) but this is me running through level 1. Important things are that the Jojos punches are what build your wild. You can end the combo any which way (I go for combos which raise even more wild). Doing anything other than the default finisher does more damage (I think the default finisher does a bunch of hitstun and hasa really good hitbox if you’re being surrounded) A crash or slightly charged crash while you have a lot of meter can 1hko a lot of ninjas. Also when you’re doing a rapid combo you can sorta… vacuum up enemies, especially on Sassy difficulty. When you’re comboing enemies with rapids they sorta magnetize to you a bit so you can adjust your position.

    Other stuff just comes with time. Dodging is important — knowing the spawns and how not to get overwhelmed is important and just general air control come with time. One thing with charged crashes — their hitboxes get bigger, but that doesn’t necessarily extend behind you so don’t ‘over aim’ and then overshoot your target. I wouldn’t do ‘all in’ charges very much ever. That’s like a boss optimization thing or something to do on the big armored enemies. Little short charges are best — they give you a bunch of damage for wild you’ll recoup quickly. Charges take the same time no matter how much wild you have, so the timing doesn’t really change.

    So I hope this actually helps. What I love about this game is it starts off being kinda ridiculous and then you can just become some sort of ridiculous wrecking ball.

    I think the grading is a bit bugged right now. Shouldn’t matter since scoring should be fine but who knows. I’ll talk to Tyler about that.

  11. “17 MINUTES without only dying once? Alright lemme see”
    Hey, I warned you in the video description that it was going to be some scrubby shit.

    Anyways, thanks for linking that; this game suddenly gets a lot more enjoyable when you’re using your moves in something approximating the “right way” (I just had a run where the first level was death-free and took slightly less than 8 minutes; still slow, but a lot better).

    Does having a lot of meter increase the damage of your specials? I noticed that I seemed to be doing a lot more damage playing it “right” than when I was intentionally keeping my meter low (which I was doing because the tutorial says you take more damage when you have lots of meter), but it could have just been the fact that I was comboing correctly (sometimes).

    I do still think the game would be better off with a lives system, although from what I’ve seen so far (which is up to the stage 2 boss, so not very much), the proper number of lives might be “1”. I’d at least appreciate an option to kick me back to the title screen on death.

    Also, bug report- for some reason, if I rebind dash and dodge from the triggers to L1/R1, it doesn’t save this, so I have to re-bind it every time I play the game.

  12. I just beat Aces Wild today (on ‘Sassy!’). I have a demo of Aces Wild before its demos were made private, and I have to say that the full game is much more developed than the older builds. In the demo, my attacks and dashes were stiff and there was no variety to my crash attacks. In the full game, I felt like I was controlling water. All your actions could be linked into each other because of things like parry, homing dashes, and being able to “fly” in different directions while using rapid attacks, which really improved the fight with Joan Heart. The full game also goes a lot quicker because of charged crash attacks. Of course, I died several times trying to get used to the new, fluid controls of Aces Wild. I really enjoyed this game. I’ll try to play at higher difficulties next time, as scary as they are.

  13. Also: There’s a minor problem with the game. If I bring up the menu and select anything that isn’t “Exit Game,” Aces Wild will crash.

  14. One more thing (so sorry for the spam): Whenever I use my upward-diagonal attack while facing left, nothing happens, but it would work whenever I face to the right.

  15. The problem isn’t the game. The problem is, unfortunately, your keyboard. Tyler was confused because he had the same problem but ALSO has a crappy keyboard. I on the other hand have wonderful, powerful keyboards (no I’m just being silly I think I bought this thing for 20 bucks) where all the combinations work and I can do all the crash attacks.

    If you wanna check for your self (in case we’re actually wrong) I actually made a little test program for Tyler to see if his keyboard supported enough inputs. You can try it for your self. Red light means it’s reading the input.

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