EVO2k Live Stream was Hype

<div class=\"postavatar\">EVO2k Live Stream was Hype</div>

I spent the last 3 days watching the live stream and being super hype. The SF4 5 on 5 team tournament was amazing, especially with Team Wildcard, the non regional, scrappy team everyone thought would go out in the first round making it to finals. DaggerG’s Guile was GDLK and team Northwest had an excellent Gen player. I think Wildcard vs EC was the first time I’ve rooted against my home town players ever.

Also congrats on Thelo making top 8 in HDR. Same to David Sirlin too, but he’s a vet so it’s not as special — besides for the fact he used Fei a lot. <3 HDR was also a lot of fun to watch. Afrolegends was just way too strong. The old players can't really get by anymore with no practice. Anyways now that the stream is over, I feel strangely empty. .. In other news, Brave Earth is getting it's development time split with another game that will likely come out a lot sooner. But Brave Earth is still kickin'. More announcements will come whenever I eventually feel up to it.