Brave Earth Prologue: Trevor vos Cruz


Name: Trevor Martinez vos Cruz
Age: 24
Race/Nationality: Aistorian Human
Height: 5’11
Occupation: Slayer for the
Holy Order of Saint Alistair


Offense: High
Defense: High
Range: Averge
Speed: Slow
Mobility: High

(art by Neolucky)

Trevor vos Cruz is the eldest child of House Cruz. Trevor was considered an exceptionally gifted child, being gifted both physically and in his studies. Trevor quickly gained rank and prestige in his Order and is a renowned Slayer for the church.

Reserved and studious, Trevor spends the majority of his free time reading or training, often to the neglect of other responsibilities. While seen as somewhat cold to most, Trevor has a warm and talkative relationship with his sister Naomi. Seeing her potential, Trevor has personally seen to her training from a young age, while also trying to teach her topics like history and philosophy.

Due to the large targets Trevor tends to fight, he was gifted the greatsword, Verbanner, a giant slab of a sword, milled from a cold iron slab. While naturally a slow weapon, Trevor’s immense strength allows him to wield to wield it with surprising speed, making it an ideal weapon for taking out giant enemies. Trevor needs time to recover from swings, which is represented by his charge gauge, which by default is represented by a value between 0 and 100%. The higher this number is, the faster and more powerful Trevor’s next attack will be. This gauge will naturally fill to 50% and can be sped up and pushed to 100% by holding down the Attack button to charge. While charging, Trevor’s movement is temporarily slowed. By picking up Sword Power-Ups Trevor can charge up to 200% (and up to 150% without charging)!

While Trevor can’t maintain a fast pace while wielding his heavy sword, he has developed a number of techniques which focus on short bursts of rapid movement to compensate.


Command: (c) + Forward/Back

A rapid dash that can be canceled at any point by an attack or a jump. If done in the air, the dash will ignore gravity and allow Trevor to span long chasms. The dash also gradually increases Trevor’s charge gauge and can push it over it’s maximum limit.


Command: (c) + No Directions

A stationary dodge. Trevor dodges to the side and becomes temporarily invulnerable. If an attack passes by him during this time, Trevor gains further invincibility and a large bonus to his charge game. While powerful, Dodge is quite expensive to use.

Combat Roll

Command: (c) + Down

A quick roll. While faster than a dash, it is more expensive and takes time to recover. It can be used to roll under enemies, which, like the Dodge, will power up your Charge meter. The Combat Roll must be spaced properly so you pass through the enemy completely.


Command: (c) + Up

A high, floaty jump that exceeds Trevor’s normal jump height. It allows for full freedom of movement in the air and can be canceled into an air attack at any time. It can be used to dodge attacks or reach hard to reach places, but grants on bonuses to your charge meter.

11 thoughts on “Brave Earth Prologue: Trevor vos Cruz

  1. Maybe you’ve mentioned this before, but the commands have me wondering what the control scheme is for Brave Earth. I assume “(c)” means it will be a three button game, but I’m not sure, so here I am commenting. Also, Mr. Cruz seems interesting.

  2. Yeah. “Canonically” it’s like Punchout. If you were to do an uppercut you’d press ‘start’. I’ll probably put a lot of jokes about that in the manual. Even having an in game option menu for graphics and setting input and stuff sorta ‘breaks’ the NES component of the game so I’m trying not to be .. slavishly accurate to the point of screwing things up. Also the default button isn’t just the 3rd button, it’s literally C on the keyboard.

    I might at one point add a ‘two button’ scheme. It works okay for SInlen and Trevor but also requires Naomi do do Quarter Circles which isn’t ideal for the default option.

  3. The air drop he does during the dive is his ground attack animation too. But I might take some gifs of those to show the charge gauge and stuff too.

  4. I get the reasoning behind it, but I still don’t like having two characters look so similar to each other when you’re going for the NES look. Are you totally married to the matching color scheme on these two? Give one of them golden armor if you really need the hair and cape to match for in-world consistency?

    Also, I’m rather curious about the charge mechanic here. It seems like it’d work out fine if you start building a charge with button-down and attack on button-up. Otherwise, I can see there being a lot of frustration with how you keep wasting those 50% charges with the attack you need to start the full charge. Granted, attacking only when you release a button has problems too.

    Ooh, here’s an idea! What if you toggled the full-charge on by double-tapping down? Doesn’t cause you to empty your meter to start in on it, doesn’t keep you holding a button constantly, and there’s a little intuitive precedent with things like SMB2’s charge-jumps.

  5. I don’t think the sprites will be too much of an issue. They’re not polar opposite colors or anything, but Naomi is much brighter than Trevor. They’re also not really going to be on screen at the same time for the most part. If this was a multiplayer game, that might be a bit more of an issue.

    As for charge, there is no attack that requires any amount of charge. All it has to do with is damage and animation speed It sorta works like a cross between Secret of Mana and Megaman (since charging doesn’t give you any special attacks unlike Secret of Mana). I don’t think anything like a toggle would really be necessary.

  6. An update would be nice, I keep checking back every few months only to see new concepts and hype, a ballpark release date would be great unless you seriously have no idea when it will be finished.

  7. I’ve been caught up on a lot of stuff lately release date. I’ll be happy if it’s this year. Maybe I’ll do another Q&A so I can give people the info they want. No idea on a

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