Artwork: Naomi – Snowy Day

(from DA)

I wanted to do a quick little profile drawing of Naomi in a window, in casual clothing. “Quick” soon became “Weeks” as I decided to add details, like a stone arch window frame, or the bookshelf or the background.

I tried to work in as much little detail as I could. I wanted to make a ‘scene’ more so than a portrait and I’m pretty happy with the results. I wish I could have done certain things better, but I think when working on a large project, that’s unavoidable. Also tried to work in tiny little setting related stuf, but nothing too overt.

I’m pretty happy with it

4 thoughts on “Artwork: Naomi – Snowy Day

  1. This is amazing. I like your simple wall texture and the crazy amount of detail you gave to the outside scenery. And Naomi looks gorgeous!

  2. Really couldn’t help it as that’s the only way I know how to do nature backgrounds anyways. :D Anyways, thanks a lot!

  3. Tried to come up with something clever, but I can’t think of anything but the generic: This looks really amazing.. Because it simply does I guess ^^

    I especially like the style of the coloring – is there a specific name for this?

  4. Dunno if there is any particular name for the style. I just call it ‘soft style’. Some people say ‘rendered’ but these are all very general. I’d say the coloring techniques I’ve been using lately have been… ‘painty’? Like after I draw the lineart and put out the flats, I’m pushing and blending colors around. It’s my own take on a style I got taught by the artist Neolucky who has been helping me with all the BE:P stuff.

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