Artwork: Reese with Heckler and Koch Mark 23 Pistol

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I frequently draw Reese dressed very casually and usually give her a Luger P08 as a handgun and was thinking about how she’d look and load her self out when she was actually expecting combat. While the Luger has a special place in her heart, it’s an old handgun that wasn’t particularly effective during it’s time. I considered giving her the rare .45 Luger to compensate some for power, but that seemed like a cop-out. I wanted a gun a specialist would use — no oversized Desert Eagles or anything. I wanted a gun for a serious and professional operator and eventually settled on the H&K MK23 in the SOCOM configuration. Modern, battle proven and, with the LAM module, really fucking awesome looking.

Other candidates included the 1911A… which seemed overdone and a little silly considering I was ditching the Luger due to it’s age. Not exactly fair, as the 1911 is a better service pistol now than the Luger probably was when it was modern, but it seemed inappropriate. Also considered a Five-SeveN, and might have also drawn her with a P90 if I did and while that might be a configuration she’d use, since I was drawing the handgun first and foremost, I wanted the gun choice to stand on it’s own right.

Also wanted to ditch the short, belly exposing tanktop and the shorts for this one. Sorta felt like I was overdoing that to begin with. The elbow and knee pads look a bit wonky though. Getting the shape right for those is a pain.

2 thoughts on “Artwork: Reese with Heckler and Koch Mark 23 Pistol

  1. I have no idea about guns. But I always like artwork of women that don’t overly emphasize on breasts while still looking good – nice work :)

    On the elbow/knee pads – I always wonder on such pictures, how these things would look when the limbs are bent. Seeing the left elbow pad, it looks rather stiff and I’m not sure how that would work out when bending the arm. I assume, it should bother her as little as possible in combat, so I’m not sure about that design ;)

  2. How kind! I’d actually think she’s still rather “breasty” but I’ll still take it.

    The knee pads, some art awkwardness aside are conceptually fine. Knees generally have a lot less radial movement The elbow pads? Yeah those tortured me a bit and when I tried to get rid of them, not only did the composition look off….. but my elbows were fail. ;_;

    So yeah it’s less than idea but we can just pretend they’re one of those heavy foam pads that can bend and twist. Those actually do sorta look “solid” a lot of the time. That said, it’s still an excuse and you’re totally right. :P Thanks for the feedback!

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