Artwork: Reese with Heckler and Koch Mark 23 Pistol

(from DA…)

I frequently draw Reese dressed very casually and usually give her a Luger P08 as a handgun and was thinking about how she’d look and load her self out when she was actually expecting combat. While the Luger has a special place in her heart, it’s an old handgun that wasn’t particularly effective during it’s time. I considered giving her the rare .45 Luger to compensate some for power, but that seemed like a cop-out. I wanted a gun a specialist would use — no oversized Desert Eagles or anything. I wanted a gun for a serious and professional operator and eventually settled on the H&K MK23 in the SOCOM configuration. Modern, battle proven and, with the LAM module, really fucking awesome looking.

Other candidates included the 1911A… which seemed overdone and a little silly considering I was ditching the Luger due to it’s age. Not exactly fair, as the 1911 is a better service pistol now than the Luger probably was when it was modern, but it seemed inappropriate. Also considered a Five-SeveN, and might have also drawn her with a P90 if I did and while that might be a configuration she’d use, since I was drawing the handgun first and foremost, I wanted the gun choice to stand on it’s own right.

Also wanted to ditch the short, belly exposing tanktop and the shorts for this one. Sorta felt like I was overdoing that to begin with. The elbow and knee pads look a bit wonky though. Getting the shape right for those is a pain.

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