On Naming: IWBTGAI


Let me just be clear. If you think Guy-den is a good name, you are of the lowest class of taste and should be dragged out back and shot. That is such hacky bullshit that degrades a classy reference. Oh my god, it’s so bad. It hurts me to see.

But okay, some people say, how about “I Wanna be the Gaiden”. That’s actually pretty classy right? Yeah, actually it is. So why not? Well the reason is because “I Wanna be the (Insert Name)” names are reserved for fangames. For real, one of the only rules about naming fangames that I put down is you shouldn’t call it “I Wanna be the Guy”. So due to all the various IWBTwhatever games, I Wanna be the Gaiden would look comparatively illegitimate. Also it has the same overlapping acroymn that, while not irreconcilable (Dark Souls/Demon’s Souls, for example! DaS, DeS?), is really annoying.

So for all of you asking, this is why it’s not called I Wanna be the Gaiden. Guy-den fans, please, kill your selves.

Oh as for the Logo and Japan-land speak on it, that’s courtesy of this wonderful Pixiv Artist. I asked for permission to use it years ago and was basically told “I don’t mind, but it’s a Touhou reference”. Thankfully, a Touhou reference is perfectly fine. As you can see in the picture, they make the sounds WANAGAI or “Wanna guy”, which I thought was cute. I’ve seen a few people mistranslate it (Some kid on 4chan with probably first year Japanese said I made shit up! Dooo hoo hoo), but either way, I wanna make sure credit goes where credit is due. I almost forgot about this since it happened so long ago.

7 thoughts on “On Naming: IWBTGAI

  1. Okay, now you got me wondering what the hell USATEI stands for in the originating song title. Not like IOSYS usually makes a lot of sense, but still.

  2. I wanna be the Guy: Commando, sounds more appropriate than Gaiden which Americans generally dont understand and has virtually nothing to do with the game. Commando, as in Bionic Commando however has alot to do with atleast the 1st level and the new swinging mechanic. When was the last time any Gaidens were Popularly known for swinging?

  3. The Gaiden is appropriate because it is a story separate from that of the Kid, though Commando wouldn’t have been bad either.

  4. @pkt-zer0
    Usa is short for usagi (rabbit), Tei is a character’s name. So it’s like a diminutive/affectionate nickname, sort of thing.

  5. Now that I’ve completed the new game, I have to say….really good job. A significant improvement over the original in every way, in fact.

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