Too Much Talking Episode 40: The “Hot Throne on Throne Action” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, Eric, Flick, AJ

Too Much Talking #40 “Hot Throne on Throne Action” 02/18/12

We all watched the HBO Game of Thrones series as a group and we take the time to talk about Season 1 a bit. Spoilers obviously! (We argue about whether or not I give a spoiler warning in the beginning, so just in case I didn’t give one, we will spoil everything about Season 1. Anything from the later books will have their own spoiler warnings. If Flick says spoilers, cover your ears for 15 seconds and you should be good, though none of it is particularly big stuff).
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9 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 40: The “Hot Throne on Throne Action” Episode

  1. An article written at Penny Arcade by Sirlin brought up an interesting question. Where does one draw the line between inspiration from another’s work and outright theft of design?

    A link to the article itself (despite Sirlin being Sirlin he can make a good point when he wants!).

    What is a good, efficient way to get up in the morning and be ready to handle the day without stalling for too long?

    Also, there’s going to be a new X-Com game (not the shooter, but a reboot of the old turn-based series). Any thoughts on this game or opinions on this kind of game in general (that being the weird blend of tactical turn based shootin’ with a larger campaign tying the battles all together)?

    How much chocolate did you eat during Singles Awareness Day?

  2. Please make Brave Earth hardcore! Can you post some updates on it? (screenshots, features, etc.)

  3. Oh! Another non-gaming question. Coffee: it’s awesome, can you elaborate on the awesomeness of coffee? What’s your preferred way to drink coffee (if at all)? Milk (steamed?)? Sugar? Cinammon? French Press? Expresso Machine?

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