3 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 39: The “How Hitler Got Her Groove Back” Episode

  1. Is the Zynga game/idea stealing of Tiny Tower really that big of a deal? Honestly, I already knew they were a soulless and uncaring money grubbing machine. It’s not like it’s the first time they did something like this anyways. Words With Friends was Scrabble without any changes what so ever, and nobody said anything. Maybe it’s because Hasbro is a big company, and maybe they got a cut from the game, but I still thought it was dumb.

    All that aside I think it’s hard to say Tiny Tower was really an original game idea. People keep talking about other IOS and flash games that they are both similar too, and how they came out months before them, but the first thing I said when I saw Tiny Tower was “Oh, that looks just like Sim Tower! I loved that game!” and it came out in the 90’s. If I was Will Wright I’d be raging right now.

    This is probably going to be irrelevant by the next podcast, but I needed a place to rant about this. So as you were.

  2. Do you think maybe video games aren’t progressing as quickly as they could be because we keep going back to the relatively recent past for inspiration? Or do we keep going back to that time because we didn’t spend enough time with it, and still have a lot to learn from it?

    Just kind of interested to hear what you’ll say to that, a question I know I’ve heard before, especially since you ARE making Brave Earth Prologue (can’t wait!). P.S you should totally put a BO tab thingy on the top bar of this site one day.

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