Too Much Talking Episode 35: The “Who are these people?” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Flick, Eric, Patito, Alex?!?!, Trynant?!?!?!?!?

Too Much Talking #35 “Who are these people?” 11/08/11

April had to duck out before we could start, but fortunately did we have Trynant on (as we had planned) but we got a surprise Alex, who has not been around for the cast in many many moons. But thanks to the magic of Skype, it has happened.

This episode clocks in at almost 2 hours and contains a huge variety of topics I won’t even get into. It’s just 2 hours of utter pandemonium with a strange cast. I do talk about the wonderful Indie Games for Good Charity though, which I got to take a small part in!

Be sure to try and join the live show. Between the pre show, the extra long show and the after hours Dark Souls I streamed, we were casting for about 5 hours! So even if you think you’re late, something will probably still be going on. See you on the 14th/15th!

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5 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 35: The “Who are these people?” Episode

  1. As you said, this is a reminder to tell the cake story on the next podcast.

    Also, are you going back to a weekly podcast? The 14th/15th is only one week from this one.

  2. Are there any game series that you think should just die already? Are there any game series that you think should be brought back?

  3. Do you think we were smarter or more creative when we were younger, particularly when it comes to solutions for video game puzzles?

    This came to me when I was playing Mario 64 DS one time, and I was doing the early level (Whomp’s Fortress) where you have to shoot an unmarked corner of a wall to reveal the Star inside. And all I was thinking was, “how the hell did I know to do that as a kid?”. Yes, the clue/title was “blast away the wall”, but there were plenty of walls to be had. In games like this, particularly early-era (NES to N64) games, gamers were given a lot of credit, and rightfully so! We were fucking smart, man. I’m 100% sure that if, I dunno Super Mario Galaxy 3 had that ‘blast away the wall’ challenge, and it was the first of its kind, I would have no clue at all what to do. Except, they would spend the first 10 seconds of the ‘mission’ guiding the camera along the exact path you needed to take, and where your objective would be. There was none of that shit in the n64 days and we still figured it all out. How??

    …or am I just remembering this wall to be way less obvious then it was in the old days?

  4. (and I apologize, looking at it a few hours later the stupid anecdote after the question makes no sense for the question, feel free to ignore it lol)
    oh by the way, keep it up with the podcast! you guys are my most favorite

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