Too Much Talking Episode 34: The “Tapeworm” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, Patito, Eric, Ben and Flick

Too Much Talking #34 “Tapeworm” 10/25/11

So guys, lemme be honest.

I staple tape worms on my penis So the flesh worm will drink brainjuice from your fetus. Or something

Anyways lotta topics on this extra long episode. We go an hour forty and only with a handful of topics, partially thanks to the small, but dedicated live crowd. More Demon’s Souls talk, an analysis of the DS leveling and upgrade system, Difficulty vs bullshit, favorite levels, IGF and the IGF Pirate Kart, Occupy Wallstreet and a bunch of other stuff.

While not recorded, we hung around with the people in chat before and after the show, so if you wanna talk with us, check my twitter every other Monday for details. We usually cast at 10:30pm EST and are live and talking to folk as early as 10. Also if you want to tweet questions, use the #TMTQuestions hashtag! Posting comments is still a great way to ask questions though!
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6 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 34: The “Tapeworm” Episode

  1. Had a great time with the live stream, but I’m rather curious how long it will take before the profanity reaches Aristocrat levels :-p

    Quick question: What are your thoughts on Blizzard making an April Fools joke way back when and now having a real expansion with basically the same premise as the joke (this being the newly announced Mists of Pandaria expansion)? WoW may have never been too serious, but isn’t this just a little too much? Is Blizzard…pandaring to their players to a new extreme, or is this issue not so black and white?

    …I’m so sorry for the previous sentence.

  2. Don Bluth is Disney Produced, and Don Bluth is an automatic win in all animation forever and infinity.

    Though Pixar’s stuff is nice too.

    But then I tuned out, and stopped caring. Wondering off to play Rusty Hearts, instead.

  3. Hey, another question: I’ve been wanting to find more podcasts/video features/blogs that have thoughtful discourse on gaming related topics. Pretty much the only thing I’ve found aside from TMT is Extra Credits. Do you follow any podcasts/video features/blogs that you would recommend?

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