Too Much Talking Episode 33: The “Midget Pornstar” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, Patito, Eric, Ben and Flick

Too Much Talking #33 “Midget Pornstar” 10/10/11

Trynant sent me Demon’s Souls and Darksouls! Also this weeks episode was streamed live! It should also be streamed live every week in the future. Check my twitter (@kayinnasaki) for cast times, though they’ll always be Mondays and after 10.

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6 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 33: The “Midget Pornstar” Episode

  1. As sad as I am that I missed out on three quarters of the live stream, that was a good podcast. I hope for more Demon’s/Dark Souls talk in the future (I’m obsessed apparently?). By the way, blitzing–or at least not grinding–is totally a viable strategy. You get the best loot by exploring, and leveling doesn’t matter as much as gear. I would recommend trying co-op at some point because it’s an easy ticket to body form, getting invaded since you’re grouped with a player in body form, and nets you a ton of souls. Also, the second boss in Tower of Latria is much, much worse than Fool’s Idol :(

    I knew I asked the spoiler question before :-/

    Okay, here’s a question I don’t think I’ve asked before: What are your favorite designed levels; be it because of the layout of the level or the way the enemy placement worked or because of an awesome set piece or gimmick or whatever? Aside from Super Metroid, since that seems obvious at this point :)

    Also, I think I asked this but it didn’t get talked about: why hasn’t 3D procedural generated levels been done before? Every game that does randomized levels that I’ve seen has either been in 2D or had no Z-axis. Is the vertical just too complicated?

  2. Also the way you worded the blog post implies that the podcast schedule will be weekly. You’re still doing TMT bi-weekly right?

  3. Playing Dark Souls, one certainly dies, a lot. But while you might get frustrated occasionally, the game never feels unfair. Where do you think is the line between “difficult but fun” difficulty in games, and the more unfortunate “utter bullshit” difficulty?

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