Too Much Talking Episode 32: The “Awkward Cold Opening” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, Patito, Eric and Flick

Too Much Talking #32 “Awkward Cold Opening” 09/27/11

So this week? Shadow of the Collosus Re-Release and other remakes, 3d, Binding of Isaac, Brave Earth: Prologue, Dark Souls, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Fighting Edition, Starfox, Procedural Generation and other fine topics.

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3 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 32: The “Awkward Cold Opening” Episode

  1. At about 40 minutes 15 seconds in (if you want some reference) Kayin said “You cannot really have particularly good narrative experience with procedural generation.”, and later on (43:30) April said “A procedurally generated story is, for now, a pretty dumb idea…”.

    I could just be mis-understanding you guys, but I find these statements very far off from the truth. If you’ve ever played Dwarf Fortress or read a Dwarf Fortress story (I believe you guys mentioned Boatmurdered or some other one of those in one of the early casts), you’d know that some pretty fuckin’ awesome narrative experiences can come out of procedural generation.

    The story and the narrative in Dwarf Fortress is weaved out of from the choices the user makes while interacting with their procedurally generated environment. It’s up to the user to make their own narrative within the environment they are dealt. This can lead to very interesting and insanely dynamic stories.

    But perhaps I just misunderstood you two, and I’ve been doing nothing but stabbing my knife into strawmen this entire time.

  2. @Oni What we more meant was semi traditional narratives. We both are a fan of Dwarf Fortress and will talk about some of it’s ridiculousness next episode, though. :)

  3. Good podcast, even with one of the casters asleep and being molested!

    If it makes the game sound more appealing whatsoever, Dark Souls is supposed to have a very Metroidvania feel to it–there’s a lot of semi-non-linear-but-linear exploration going on with progression being based on your exploration and less from following a story. Sorry for ragging on about it so, but few if any games this generation have delivered the experience that Demon’s Souls (and presumably Dark Souls) have.

    I really like what I’m hearing about Brave Earth’s design. It’s great to see someone put so much attention to the little things–they really do make all the difference! I just hope I can handle the difficulty (I still need to get farther than Mike Tyson in IWBTG, but I *have* beaten Super Meat Boy….). Will Brave Earth support gamepads?

    Procedural generation is indeed awesome, but I’ve noticed that no game that I can recall has made a 3-D procedurally generated environment (even 3-D games like Dark Cloud were flat). Why do you think this is? Is it that much more complicated code to generate (I sketched out a simple algorithm off the top of my head for it, so I have my doubts).

    Okay, another question from me. I’m not sure if I asked this before; it’s getting hard to keep track. Call me out on this if I have asked it already (I’m not sure what this is saying about me that I’ve asked questions here to the point that I’m repeating myself).

    Spoilers: how ruinous are they to a game? Lately I’ve been spoiling the crap out of Dark Souls, and a lot of people say that would ruin the experience; but I did mostly the same in its predecessor Demon’s Souls and still got a ton of enjoyment out of that game. While I’m certain very story-driven games like Mass Effect suffer heavily from spoilers, games like Minecraft you practically have to wiki what to do. Do games with less focus on story lose their appeal when you know what’s coming? Or is it a case-by-case situation?

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