Brave Earth: Prologue

Things are rolling here. I’m about 30 or 40% through development. The best release date I could guess would be “Early 2012”. But what I can say is -I will release another game soon-. Even in the worst case scenario, what I have done now would be released if all else fails. So I figure it’s time for me to stop hiding and subtly hinting at things. I’m officially announcing Brave Earth: Prologue.

Brave Earth: Prologue is a 2d, faux 8-bit platformer which draws heavy gameplay inspiration from NES era Castlevania and cinematic inspiration from Ninja Gaiden. The game follows a young and inexperienced Naomi vos Cruz in her first (and unplanned) combat mission and serves as an introduction to some of the characters of the Brave Earth setting before the events of Tower in the Sky. Prologue follows Naomi through at least 6 different levels of classic Castlevania style action, down to intentionally stiff jumps and a slow, but powerful main attack. Instead of having subweapons, Naomi has a Super Smash Bros. style ‘Special’ button that gives her access to 4 different special moves. She may also pick up powerups that increase the effectiveness of some of her moves and even allow her to reach new locations! The game also features 2 additional characters who take different paths through the game and between them have access to 4 unique stages and each of these characters possessing very different gameplay styles.

The game will hopefully be released on Steam (and possibly other services like Indievania) for the planned price of 5 dollars. This is subject to change and there should be a free demo with a decent amount of content released at some point.   (Times have changed and this is an old post. Expect 10-15 dollars. Steam Refunds will cover those where either the game runs poorly or who do not enjoy it)

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  1. Those stairs in the bottom right picture…are those going to work like Castlevania stairs? To rephrase the question: are you really that sadomasochistic?

  2. darn, I was really hoping I would continue with the formerly perpetual trend of me not giving you money in exchange for games

  3. I on the other hand love the chance for a dude like yourself to be given money for his hard work! Also I love you meet me in my bedroom tonight thanks <3

  4. Available on Steam, eh? Maybe I’ll actually get to play this one, on my Mac. That’s badass, as I love the NES Castlevania games.

  5. It’s come such a long way from the one room alpha you originally showed me. It looks great too!

    Also, you plan on making some money on this one, huh? I said go all in and do a kickstarter campaign. I imagine there are enough fans of ‘I Wanna Be the Guy’ that you could raise some nice capital. Give you a cushion and time to develop more (if that is what you want to do…)

    But then you’d have to put all their silly names in the credits…

  6. @Psycho Andy

    Unfortunately there’s not going to be a mac version, ever (well, outside some sort of miracle). This game is actually being made sorta as a stall tactic by me for another platform to mature that will support exporting to multiple platforms. Hopefully by the time this is done, Construct 2 will be ready for me to use. So whatever comes after this you should be playable by you eventually!

    Now, if someone comes up with a converter to put Construct 1 projects into Construct 2 (harder than it sounds!), things might change, but as I aid, that’d be a miracle.

    @Jonathon Howard

    I’m actually pretty good on the money front for now. I’d rather not take people’s money without something to show for it. I’d rather put a beta up on indievania or something, but I think I’ll just wait for now.

  7. Aw, bummer. Maybe I can convince one of my PC-enabled friends to purchase the game on their Steam account, at the very least.

    The game LOOKS gorgeous. Definitely something I would’ve checked out, in the 8-bit era.

  8. Having it a lot like Ninja Gaiden II on the NES would be like a blast in the past.

  9. Hey Kayin, I am just so curious to know why don’t you ever consider making “I WANNA BE THE GUY” a commercial title (Like Super Meat Boy) without all the NES ripped content? Or at least making some profit from the game since its known for its difficulty which gives that unique experience when played. I mean especially for gamers who really enjoy hard platformers such as my Self….. What im trying to say is some people like there food extra spicey. However will “BRAVE EARTH” be anything as hard as “IWBTG? And one more thing if you don’t mind man. You mentioned that you will be releasing another game. Is this going to be before or after the release of Brave earth? Thank You!

  10. Huh… after IWBTG I was expecting this to be free also. Not that I mind, 5 bucks isn’t much and I bought a few other cheep indie games for that price, but a bit surprised.

    I’ll definitely check out the demo if nothing else. Thing is, I suck at Castlevania, so I’m not certain I’ll enjoy the gameplay… and thus not sure if I should pay money for it :/

  11. @Sebastian Sanchun

    I have to say ‘no’ and with the difficulty options, it should be relatively easy for many people to get through the game. Playing on Hard should hopefully be an enjoyable challenging for people. My focus right now is quality, not difficulty. While I hope the game ends up as a brisk challenging for people, it’s not “the point” like in IWBTG.

  12. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to play it..Ninja Gaiden X Castlevania instantly peaked my interest.

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  14. Kayin,
    you should work with a coder and develop your own engine/editor for your future projects.
    I’m sure there are tons of programmers out there who would like to work with you, I know I would.

  15. Kayin, I keep checking your sites and forums every day to see if any progress has been made.







    GAME =(

  16. So you wrote this without MMF2?
    I’ve seen the front of your IWBTG page and you stated you don’t use MMF2 anymore, what code are you writing this in?

  17. Wow, I totally felt in love with your artwork/ screens! I’ll pray for that miracle (Mac version) ;)

  18. @ilovemondays I’m really sorry that it probably won’t ever happen, I really am! But this is probably the last single platform game I’ll make.

  19. I’m assuming there’s been a shfit from the ‘early 2012’ release date, can you offer an updated estimate? Ta.

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  23. Wow, two of my favorite games in one package! How’s the progress going? Do you need a beta tester?

  24. I used to be following other indie games until I was reminded of you but the release of IWBTGG, then I saw this, then I stopped paying attention to those OTHER indie games.

    I just… just wanna play this so bad, It looks and sounds amazing. I know that things are usually overhyped, but this seems different.

  25. Is there some gameplay footage?

    While I think it looks really nice, for me it’s mostly about gameplay :)

    Also, could this game technically be put onto a NES cartridge?

  26. There are the animated screen shots, but that’s about it for now. I don’t really wanna put too much out there until the game is close to ready.

    Also no. I think a lot of the things the game does could be done on an NES cart. Most of the colors are authentic(I took some artistic direction with some of the colors) but they could be replaced. There are also other things like enemies and the character not being constructed optimally for NES sprite/size limits. I might be possible (Especially if someone made a new kind of cartridge memory mapper) but it’s pretty out there.

    You could probably come close though.

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  29. “The game will hopefully be (…) 5 dollars. This is subject to change and there should be a free demo with a decent amount of content released at some point.”

    I do not like this….

    I LOVE this

  30. Sadly that’s rather dated information for when the game was going to be much smaller. The game is likely to be 10+ dollars and with Steam Refunds being what they are now, a demo seems unnecessary. Sorry to disappoint. =/

  31. I’m not worried about a demo, because then I get even more frustrated wanting to continue a game. But I must say that your work on this looks absolutely brilliant! The soundtrack sounds amazing! I’m following you on Twitter hoping for updates. In other words, and I know I can speak for MANY others, we are waiting with GREAT anticipation for this masterpiece and look forward to giving you our money once it is out!!! Thank you!


  32. We’re getting there! At this point I’m just trying ot make sure I give the best game I possibily can. I could probably get the game out in a month if I reaaaally wanted to but I definitely want to take the time to put the details in I think are important. Thank you!

  33. Hello! I’m wondering if there is any news for the game? On Steam it still says a release date of 2018. Of course thank you for taking the time to read this, and I know many people hope to hear from you! And Merry Christmas everyone!

  34. Well, I would never say that since you’re creating something that I know MANY people want! Life is life, things happen. Of course we all want everything, and we want it right now! I am just appreciative that you answered me, and am looking forward to playing your game. Thank You!

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