Too Much Talking Episode 31: The “Atomic Kitten” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, Patito Ben and Flick

Too Much Talking #31 “Atomic Kitten” 09/13/11

This almost got called the “April Real Doll” episode. I’m only mentioning this to annoy April.

Nixed the intro and music this week. I repeat the intro in the post anyways and I’m running out of chiptune, so whatever. Anyways, other topics include.

Space Marine
Binding of Isaac
The Persona 4 Fighting Game
Some Crappy Questions
Glowing Cats
April Real Dolls

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6 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 31: The “Atomic Kitten” Episode

  1. Hey! This isn’t the whole thing!! Only 8 minoots!! We’ll never hear about the April Real doll now =(

  2. @endril

    Yeah it was pretty funny how that worked out.

    @Spastic Ink

    It’s probably a buffering issue, try downloading the mp3?

  3. Glad to see this hasn’t gone on indefinite hiatus. Also, in regards to controlling a few units at a time and removing the building aspect of strategy games, Frozen Synapse is pretty fucking awesome (although it’s turn-based and not a full-on RTS). Also was Company of Heroes anywhere close to competive? I’m pretty sure that either had minimal or no building element.

    A couple of questions for next time:

    How’s your upcoming game shaping up? How would you say you’re approaching level design in it (like, are you focusing on enemy placement and stuff or more about how the level looks or what)?

    Have you considered getting Dark Souls at some point after it’s out (Demon’s Souls was my GotY 2009 and Dark Souls looks to be better in every way)?

  4. Nice to see the show make a return, I’ll repost my topic from a few weeks ago.

    Procedural generation; do you like it? Hate it? Are there any applications of it that you would like to see more of?

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