Art: Vayn Character Sheet

Wow this only took me a few days. I’m the slowest artist in the world, so that makes me happy. Usually I work of something for like a week. Anyways, heres the rundown.

Took a break from game design to make some art. I figured since Vayn was in the game and working, I might as well draw her.

Vayn is a character who came up as a random throw-a-way character for an RP session. She was one of several hired assassins. One of the other players decided not to kill her and she became, on accident, a permanent character of mine, though I feel a little dirty playing her!

Vayn is half-succubus, which is quite burdensome. While she lacks obvious demon markings, she still has the same desire and a poor control over her fear inducing abilities. With her sex drive, it is hard to keep people as ‘just friends’, and with her fear inducing touch, it is extremely difficult for her to even keep a relationship. As such, Vayn tends not to keep friends long and is very lonely. While very friendly, Vayn has a hard time forming deep bonds with people due to her issues.

Vayn just doesn’t suck and feel bad about her self though. She can float and phase through stuff, which is a pretty bad ass skill, especially if you want to bum around the world. Vayn basically lives as a vagrant, stealing and squatting in abandoned houses. Occasionally she takes up assassin work to get some actual money, though she doesn’t really care for killing. This is aided by her being a skilled sorceress, though her greatest strength is still her mobility.

In short, while she can kick some ass, she mostly just bums around, mopping around and being a ho. Usually when I do roleplay her, she has her shit a little bit more together (and actually has a FRIEND), but in the upcoming Brave Earth game, she’s so lonely that she actually makes small talk with the protagonist while being hired to kill her.

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