Rebecca Watson vs Dickwolves

I won’t go too much into detail about the Rebecca Watson thing as I am ignorant to most of it. But I do remember defending the predominately male side in Dickwolves case. I did this because I think the women who initially cased the incident were overreacting to an initial joke. What followed was people being wrong on all sides (like all arguments like this), but that a lot of the behavior was reactionary and defensive and no one should be running around labeling peope miso/misandrists. Well this time around it seems to have been my genre that flipped out for no reason. Apparently a girl giving advice about how not to creep a lady out is grounds to label her a crazy feminist. Like in the Dickwolves thing, I like to think most of the people saying harsh words are just doing it out of frustration and that only a small group of people initially acted foolishly, but the cause still rests with us guys.

Not a lot else to say. I just wanted to acknowledge that the situation really does work both ways and I want to be consistent considering the stuff I said during the dickwolves nonsense.

One thought on “Rebecca Watson vs Dickwolves

  1. Kind of old news… I took it as an example of how every sub group now mattered how enlightened they seem to think they are can easily descend into stupidity…

    Also, how prevalent and unrecognized male privilege is.

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