One thought on “Too Much Talking Episode 29: The “Duck? More like Fuck, Patito is leaving” Episode

  1. Moving to Florida in the summer will suck so much. Sure, winter is great because it’s hardly chilly, but you haven’t felt humid heat until you’ve traveled to Florida in the summer. Good luck Patito.

    Question time: Some people say gaming has crystallized into its final form and is doomed to be…whatever it’s doomed to be, others say there’s a glorious future golden age something ahead of us where games will be unimaginably new and wonderful and all that. My question: how decided is the future of gaming right now; as in, have games settled into their final form, are they just beginning to grow into their own, or something in between?

    Also, Kayin you should totally talk about your game some more because games are awesome and talking about games is awesome.

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