Too Much Talking Episode 25: The “300 Dollar Hat” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Flick, April, Patito, Eric

Too Much Talking #25 “300 Dollar Hat” 05/17/11

More fighting game banter. We also talk about Brink a bit, as well as some shameful broken games we like. Talk about Video Game Movies and Movie Video Games come up and eventually I talk about Castlevania and a possible new project. Oh yeah we also talk about sweaty dick punching.
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3 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 25: The “300 Dollar Hat” Episode

  1. How important is sound quality/design for you in games? Personally, I almost always opt out of listening to sound in games at all in favor of watching a movie or listening to a book while I play.

  2. Glad to hear about your new project! It sounds like you have something that you can put a lot of effort into game design wise without having to deal with technological constraints of game engines (which seemed like one of the problems Brave Earth was having). I have a few questions regarding gameplay.

    It seems a lot of people go around saying that “This generation sucks, the nth generation of gaming was the best generation.” I for one, at least in terms of gameplay, have to disagree; I feel that gameplay in videogames have improved in a lot of areas, gotten worse in others, roughly staying the same in quality as a whole. What are your thoughts on the evolution of gameplay in videogames over the years? Has gameplay/game design/etc. gotten better, worse, or roughly stayed the same in terms of quality?

    What kinds of games, especially in regards to gameplay, do you think could not have been made 10, even 5 years ago (or at least were never realized until recently)? On the flipside, what kinds of games that were being made years ago are not being made now that you wish were still being made?

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