Too Much Talking Episode 23: The “Exploding Tang” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Flick, April, Patito, Eric

Too Much Talking #23 “Exploding Tang” 04/19/11

Oh End of Evangelion, I do love the part where everyone turns to Tang. We give a Evangelion retrospective, having just subjected Eric to the newer movies. He likes it way more than we just put on End of Eva without any explanation.

We also take a bunch of questions! Cameras, internet anonymity, scandalous pixels and I bitch about Left 4 Dead a bit, since someone asked!
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5 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 23: The “Exploding Tang” Episode

  1. What do you think of SSBM as a competitive “fighter”? It seems like it still has one of the strongest scenes in the US, despite the “controversy” surrounding its genre and how old it is.

  2. Just wanna say, I love this podcast so much. Keeps me good company on my walks around town :D

    1. What are all of your favorite video game soundtracks?
    1b. What are your least favorite video game soundtracks? Like, I know there’s plenty of bad forgettable ones, but can you name some that are so bad that they noticeably detract from the experience?
    2. Did you ever get around to playing that game about the guy who flew around by shitting that you were talking about a while ago? I will eat so much Chinese food that God will cry!
    3. obligatory portal 2 how did you like did you play question

  3. Sorry for all of the fighting game questions…now a fighting game question.

    Which would be worse for a fighting game, the omission of chip damage, of corners (or walls, the end of the stage, etc.), or of throws? Pretty sure your answer will be throws, I was just thinking about how certain facets of fighting games make a big difference on how they’re played.

  4. What is the hardest game you have played and beaten? This includes optional content and “hard-mode” difficulties.

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