8 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 22: The “Twitter Mailbag” Episode

  1. The problem with boob plate is that the cleavage creates a pressure point over the sternum, which is exactly where you don’t want a structural weakness. I have thought about this a lot.

    Also, regarding fat game heroines: look up Mushi Mushi Pork

  2. The discussion on fat characters had shifting goal-posts and no explicit definition. Mario got re-categorized from fat to chubby. It’s not really useful to try to find a fat female in a video game that is a protagonist or portrayed positively if the citation is just going to get disqualified for not meeting an unstated definition. Having said that, I don’t mind searching for one anyway (An excuse to look at female video game characters? YAY!). Here are some characters that might be fat and female but it’s hard to tell because of clothing or species issues: Lulu from Final Fantasy X, Nana from Ice Climbers, the Yoshies(sp?) from the Mario series, and Solo ( http://images.wikia.com/bof/images/a/a9/ShamansBoF2.jpg the Earth shaman on the left) and Momo from the Breath of Fire series. That looks like a low number of maybes to me.

    Are you an RPG hoarder? Do you wind up at the end of a Final Fantasy game having never used an Elixer or Megalixer because you might need it for later? Do you feel uncomfortable leaving town with only 98 eyedrops in your inventory?

    What are your thoughts on the Tales series of RPGs?

  3. I assume questions should be asked over twitter now, but my need to be wordy and specific clashes with twitter’s 140 character limit.

    What are your thoughts on Super street fighter 2 HD remix? Most people who have played regular ST for a long time aren’t too big on HDR. I’m not sure whether to chalk that up to people not liking change or what, so hopefully you can shed some light on this for me with your personal opinion.

  4. What are your opinions on privacy and gaming? ex. That time Blizzard tried to make World of Warcraft accounts share your (supposedly, if you followed the Terms of Service) real life info with those on your in-game friends list.

    What are your opinions on anonymity and people acting like jerks? ex. People yelling obscenities into mics on XBox Live.

  5. There were a lot of black musicians, especially gays, who were starting to make music after being influenced by disco. It was a mix of produced and sampled, premade and turntable performance created music.
    Nightclubs in Chicago, those that were predominately gay and black, started playing this music frequently.
    One such club, called The Warehouse, became particularly popular. Being such a new sound, people started calling it warehouse music and soon after, house music.

    House, one of the most influential types of modern music was started by gay blacks and spawned electronic, rave, dance, etc…

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