2 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 20: The “Pen and Paper Makeup Episode”

  1. In your experience, what aspects of video games give some games a higher replay value than other games, the other games being in the “Hmm, I’m done playing this game, time to put it on the shelf and not touch it for a century or two” area of games.

  2. Just to clarify about the E-lit stuff. I thought it differed slightly from sadlets in that they went a little bit (arguably not much) beyond the trite messages that games like Passage and The Marriage convey. There’s a lot of abstraction and weirdness in say, a bunch of poetic lines attached to a rubix cube that can be twisted back and forth to make different messages. The goal isn’t to make you cry, and there tends to be a little more sophistication (arguably) behind some of these “games.”

    How was Facade? (I think I know the answer to this one)

    How was MvC3?

    Could you talk about flow in game design?

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